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"Day of the Dead"
: Doctor, David, Cat!Harry, Jack
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: Jack's not happy about the new additions to this world.

"We've been holed up here for three days.  It's getting a bit smelly, really, but I think that's because the big fellow down the end doesn't know how to keep his shoes on.  I suppose it's better that he doesn't in the end because hoo-boy, if that stench built up--"  David grinned into the camera and then at Harry's tail twitching lightly beside him.  The man it belonged to was asleep, and David could tell because it always made that three point wave when he was.  David blinked and looked back at the video he was taking.  "Right, so Jack brought us here to be sure we don't get infected.  Except the Doctor's infected all ready, infected but not getting sick.  They took him yesterday and now it's just me and Harry--"

David reached out to lightly stroke that tail until it quieted down, silly thing.

"--and the sheep.  Which I wouldn't have minded except...  Well.."  He pans the camera to a group of people nearby.  Sheep people.  And David was literally terrified of them.  "I think they're making plans to eat me.  Oh, Doctor--  Doctor, if you hear us!"
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"Want the World?  How about the Universe?"
: Doctor & Harry
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: Few days after Caesar's Procession

Just because they were sitting in the kitchen did not mean it was a normal kitchen.  Just because the Doctor wore a gray t-shirt and drank coffee from a banana colored cup did not mean he was in any way human.  He discovered that Harry was calmer when he was David in the mornings, when they did what normal flatmates might do first thing.

It was a little difficult to be 'normal' otherwise when the walls around them glowed a soft greenish amber and toast was prepared by flinging bread into a blue force field that suspended it over the counter.  "Future then," the Doctor muttered, fiddling with glasses he did not need.  "How far?  Earth's future or futher out where Earth doesn't exist?"

The conversation was mostly one sided, the Doctor speaking to himself as Harry poked at what looked like cereal and milk but smelled faintly like greasy pizza.
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"It's Hard Making Friends"
: Doctor (David) & Harry
Where: Original Universe - Post Brokenverse (fob!watch 'verse)
When: After the Doctor fobbed the Master

David McDonald was not an ordinary man.  He was not really a man at all, not by Human standards at least.  His intellect and ability to understand complicated formulas vastly exceeded that of what a mortal mind could accomplish.  His grasp on the concepts of space and time were far deeper than any Human could possibly have.  And yet, here he was, posing as a mild mannered teacher, serving Britian's finest minds as if he was the very thing he could never possibly be and all for one reason.

Though he was uninvited, scowled at, and openly scorned, David concidered Harry Saxon to be his very best friend in the entire world and often told coworkers -- and anyone that could listen -- that very same thing.  He strode purposefully into Harry's office with a smile, a tea tray, and chocolate covered biscuits just about every day, as if he happened to know when the man was in despite Harry's attempts to be away or keep his door locked certain times of the day.

Today was no exception.

"Harry!" he called in his thick Scottish accent.  "Oh, do hope you're 'ungry.  I nicked Jelly Babies!"


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