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P L A Y E R;
NAME: Jeni
AGE: 31
CONTACT: plurk: substituteskull

C H A R A C T E R;
NAME: Professor David Smith (fobwatched Doctor)
CANON: Doctor Who
POINT IN CANON: Post Year That Never Was.  Specifically, just before the Master refuses to regenerate during "The Last of the Time Lords" episode)
AGE: 903
APPEARANCE: The Doctor is 6 foot one, tall, lanky, with expressive hedgehog hair and brown eyes.  He rarely is found wearing anything other than suits, his long brown duster coat given to him by Janis Joplin, and a pair of trainers.    Ocassionally, he dons a pair of glasses because he thinks it makes him look smarter.  David, on the other hand, wears glasses for corrective reasons but prefers contacts.  We wears suits as well, mostly because of his work, though he insists that trainers are strictly for leisure and have no place at his job.  He carries around a curious fobwatch, long sing broken.
CANON HISTORY:  The Doctor and all of his incarnations have a very, very long past.  This is a link from the Doctor Who wiki on the Tenth Doctor alone.
CANON PERSONALITY:  The Tenth incarnation of the Doctor is by far the most morally and emotionally complex of his previous regenerations. This Doctor is rude, light-hearted, witty, sarcastic, jovial, manic, forgetful, clever, burdened and remorseless...often all at the same time. He is extremely excitable, given to babbling, and often talks as if his sole intent is to gain the interest or at least the attention of those around him.

The Doctor has a selective morality. He is just as likely to be cruel to his enemies (such as to the Family of Blood who hunted the Doctor for his immortality and thus ended up being punished by being trapped forever, deathless) or kind (as when dealing with the Master and the multiple atrocities he'd committed over the Doctor's long life span)...all depending on his mood or his own emotional ties to the situation. He is also extremely protective and doesn't always think through his impulsiveness to punish others (as with causing the downfall of Harriet Jones or leaving Sarah Jane Smith).  Though many other incarnations of the Doctor abhor the thought of killing or harming living creatures (including his future self, the Eleventh Doctor), the Tenth Doctor often appears to outsiders to have little to no qualms about it and gives no second chances to offenders.  Because of this, the Doctor has earned the titles "The Oncoming Storm" and "The Destroyer of Worlds." Intelligent races that know about him typically tend to fear him, including the Daleks who are arguably one of the most ruthless races in the Doctor Who series. He does, however, suffer survivor's guilt over causing the destruction of his home planet and the genocide of his people, something he not only blames himself for doing despite it being the only way to save the entire universe, but also selectively chooses to forget it happened.  This guilt has caused him to become an incredibly lonely old man, despite how well he hides it.

The Doctor wears a mask of frivolousness and of being a carefree spirit. He shirks duty in favour of sightseeing or flirting (such as when he wooed  Madame de Pompadour or during his trip to Victorian Scotland where he accidentally led the crown to create Torchwood while fending off a werewolf threat). His favourite race is, unsurprisingly, humanity because only humans can see the universe with as much curiosity as he does. For this reason, he often takes on human travelling companions.  Though rarely linked romantically to these companions, this incarnation of the Doctor sees a little more action than his previous regenerations. He is flirty and generally is quite pleased when he is kissed. However, he seems to prefer hand holding and hugs to other sorts of physical, sexual expressions and comes off as being quite asexual most of the time.

The Doctor also fears his own mortality.  Unlike his past and his future lives, always willing to regenerate into the next, the Tenth Doctor is afraid of losing himself.  For instance, instead of regenerating when he lost his arm, the Doctor channeled regeneration energy into a new limb so that he could keep his current personality and life.  Because of the Doctor's vanity, and his loneliness upon losing all of his human companions (Rose during a Dalek invasion, Martha and Jack voluntarily leaving him to return to their own lives), when he decides to fob watch himself again to become David Smith, it is done once more as an attempt to keep himself from ending his current life.

David Smith is very much like the Doctor.  Thanks to the Chameleon Arch's ability to rewrite a pre-programmed personality and history along with overwriting the DNA of any person, the Doctor was able to mould David in his own likeness.  David, like the Doctor, is overly jovial and carefree and because he's human, comes off mostly as being scatterbrained.  He suffered a trauma in his childhood that he has repressed (a convenient way for the Doctor to mask his own self inflicted traumas of genocide).  He is extremely smart, holding two degrees in practical and theoretical physics but also thinks he's quite insane.  He tells no one about his dreams at night, save for Harry Saxon (his reluctant and one-sided best friend).  David is extremely loyal but hasn't been able to trust himself to care for other living beings because he often forgets about them.  As part of his therapy, David has managed not to kill a few house plants and has moved up to goldfish.  Galileo II is happy and healthy.

POINT OF DEPARTURE: After discovering that he was not the only Gallifreyan to have survived the burning of his planet, the Doctor accidentally awoke the Master from his human confinement and set off a chain of events that included the total and complete domination of the human race by the Master.  Suffering for a year under this oppression as a captive, the Doctor was eventually able to overcome the Master through the combined will of the planet.  In the confrontation, the Master was wounded.  Because the Master is the last of the Time Lords, once the Doctor used the TARDIS to revert the world to a point several years prior in order to allow humanity to forget the Master and his deeds, he used the Chameleon Arc to once more turn him human.  For a time, the Doctor stuck close to the human Master but his own guilt got the best of him and before too long, he used the Chameleon Arc on himself, writing a new personality to fill his head and give himself a holiday from being a Time Lord.

Unfortunately, David did not end up being a holiday, but more of a new life.  He has many of the Doctor's characteristics (including a love of licking) but he is completely devouted to "Harry Saxon" (AKA the Master).  David has taken a job at Westminister Academy teachning physics and works from time to time off the books for JPL and the European Space Agency, submitting accidental breakthroughs in technology that come to him from time to time in dreams.  He is a somewhat skittish teacher, loves animals, and would do anything for a friend.

ABILITIES: The Doctor is a member of a humanoid, alien race called the Gallifreyans and is a Time Lord (the oligarchic ruling class of the planet Gallifrey) While he appears human in every way (save for some interesting internal additions), he is over nine hundred years old and has gone through a process called regeneration nine times. All Time Lords are given twelve regenerations which allow each member to 'cheat death.' Regenerating causes the Time Lord to change physically, mentally, and emotionally, making him or her both the same and different. All memories of previous regenerations are retained, but everything from taste buds to personality to style preferences are dramatically different after each cycle.

The Doctor has two hearts, allowing for one to be injured or disabled while still allowing him to live. He also has a respiratory bypass, allowing him to breath far less often than humans, survive poison gas and even strangulation. Gallifreyans are much stronger than humans and far more resilient. They are also able to enter a healing sleep to repair themselves. The Doctor has shown superior senses of low-light sight, ability to taste chemical compositions down to blood type, and enhanced smell. 

The Doctor can speak several thousand languages despite having a time machine that translates for him (and his companions). He is able to retain vast amounts of information, though he admits to forgetting details here and there. He is also proficient when dealing with large varieties of technology and can cobble fantastic devices together rather easily with the right tools and a little know how.

David, as a human version of the Doctor, created through the Chameleon Arch of the TARDIS, does not have any of these abilities.  Genetically human, he has poor eye sight and must wear glasses or contacts.  He is still a genius, however, and consults for various space agencies on new schematics for propulsion or fuel or solar arrays that come to him in his sleep.

INVENTORY; David has his wallet with a few pounds in it and an Oyster tube card, his photo ID allowing him access to Westminster Academy where he teaches physics, and a picture of Harry and a few other fellow teachers from a retreat.  He also has a shoulder bag with a contact case, some contact solution, a weird USB drive (his sonic screwdriver), a pair of gloves, fish food, his lunch, books, and a lesson plan in it.  He has his fobwatch too, but it's broken.  He can't figure out how to open it.


S A M P L E S;

[Despite the smile on his face, David looks terrified. His hair stands straight on end and his glasses are slightly askew.  He clears his throat before he speaks, adjusting the reverse camera on the device so his entire face is in view.]

This might well be horrible timing and so, so sorry to be a bother to anyone listening, but I believe I could use a bit of help.  Has anyone seen a short, brown haired man with a temper and likely a 'kick me' sign on his back wandering around shaking his fists or throwing chalk at people?

He really is very nice, incredibly friendly, when you get to know him.  He answers to the name of Harold Saxon.  [Actually, that couldn't be further from the truth.  Harold Saxon is an arrogant, evil little man that can't figure out how to make David go away and therefore, becomes more arrogant and evil the more David pesters him.]  

If so, could you tell him that I did not tape the sign onto his back and send him in my direction once he's agreed to drop the chalk?  Or no!  Wait!  Better idea.  Do not mention my name [-- a name he hadn't given but still expects everyone to know--] and just point me in his general direction?  It's well passed tea time and as you can imagine, an Englishman without a proper tea time is likely prone to all sorts of things not strictly proper.

[Rambling?  Yeah he might as well be rambling now even as he walks.  Suddenly, David stops and looks around.  The device slides from his hands to give everyone a decent image of some grass and one red trainer beneath a brown trouser covered leg.  Yes, he's just realising he's not where he assumed he'd been before.]

What...?  What?  WHAT?!

Oh no!
 It's happening again!  Where am I now?!

No one seemed to understand what it was like to find the TARDIS as they did. The Doctor almost felt as if his very life had been drained out of him. He loved her like no other and to see her spread out, bare and brutalized, was enough go make him ill. One didn't spend most of their life with a living, breathing piece of perfection and not fall terribly in love with it. He swallowed hard. "We have to end this."

Captain Jack, meddling, wonderful, itchy Fixed Point that he was pushed on ahead of them all, leading the way as if it was his right. The Doctor didn't mind so long as he and Martha played their parts well in the struggle to come. Getting the perception filter around Saxon to reveal him as the Master would be impossible, but the Doctor was fond of impossible things, much like Carroll's White Queen. He just didn't have to think of them when he could simply live them.

The Master had to be stopped, not only for the sake of his ship, but also for the sake of humanity and for the Master himself. They couldn't go on like this. The elaborateness of the plot, at least, gave the Doctor hope. The other Time Lord was as beautifully brilliant and as clever as he had ever been. He could still reason with him. There was still a chance!

No matter how slim it ended up being.

Slim, it turned out, was not the proper word in any of the thousands of languages that the Doctor knew. One wave of the Master's laser screwdriver and plan B had to be enacted. Now, it was all up to Martha Jones. The Doctor only had to survive long enough for her to succeed.


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