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It Doesn't Have To Be Rocket Science!

Dr. David McDonald, Physics Professor at Westminster

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Name:Doctor David Smith
Birthdate:Jan 1

The Doctor's In. Sometimes...
Harold Saxon lives, but the Master has stepped out. After the battle on the Valiant, the Doctor forced the shot Time Lord into the Chameleon Arch, nursed him back to health, and set him out into the wide world he tried to conquer while the Doctor continued on. It was after his second loss of Rose and the way he was forced to remove Donna's memories of him that the Doctor decided to do something drastic... Join the Master. Be human. Live a normal human life.

Dr. David Smith
Dr. David Smith was a Scottish physics professor at a Westminster Secondary School in London. He had degrees in practical and theoretical physics, but also thought himself to be quite mad. Through therapy and medication, he was able to control his hallucinations of being able to travel through time and space. His drab but happy life ended the day he met Harry Saxon. Now, striving hard to protect a man that hates him inexplicably for equally inexplicable reasons, David had no choice but to carry on as best he could, even though he knew something wasn't right. Little did he know that one flick of a broken fob watch kept in his pocket could change his life again.

Doctor David: Best of Both Worlds
Becoming David Smith was no easy task for a Time Lord living in a broken watch. From time to time, David's dreams could become reality. After all, for a man like the Doctor, there really can be no easy way to start over.

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I am not David Smith or the Doctor. I am not David Tennant. I am not a physics professor. I am not a physicist at all so any science in this journal will be BAD. David's "fictional" life from the fob watch is in no way based on Tennant's and I do not play David as a fictional representation of the man behind the actor.
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