Two Peas

Nov. 1st, 2010 08:17 am
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"Two Peas"
: Doctor, Harry
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: Two weeks after dropping off the Master

The Doctor was not entirely himself, though he smiled goofily and danced about and took Harry to places near and far in time and space.  With the Master gone, having decided to keep the immortal body for a little while longer, and despite the promise that he would one day see the Doctor again, the remaining Time Lord in the not very quiet TARDIS couldn't quite hide the sadness in his eyes.

"So," he said, arms folded over his chest as he found Harry in the library, trying to get at one of his favorite books that the Master had seen fit to hide in out of reaches places, "Where shall we go?  Anywhere.  Anywhen.  Just pick and we'll be off!"

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He could tell the Doctors mood had been low since the Master left and while he didn't mind really, especially considering how many times the Master tried to do away with him, he did feel bad for the Doctor losing the man he'd been trying to keep in the first place. He was meant to be the Doctors own little creation of his old friend and yet he didn't think he could satisfy the Doctors loneliness alone.

Though he suppose that he could always try, which is why he thought very hard on his neck trip. Somewhere interesting enough to hold the Doctors attention.

"London 1888. We could go have a look around? Find Jack the ripper or something," Harry joked, though admittedly his chose was somewhat swayed by the Sherlock Holmes novel he was reading. A trip to the past was something he was craving these days.

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"Jack the Ripper...really?" The Doctor wrinkled his nose, but shrugged. He had said anywhere. He wouldn't break his word for that. Now if a biscuit had been involved, perhaps, but nothing delicious was on the offering block. "All right, Jack it is!"

Off he dashed to the console room, giving Harry about three minutes to follow him or at least climb down off of the ladder so that he didn't fall on his face. That most assuredly would have hurt!

And there was that small issue of Harry probably not wanting to go and actually find Jack the Ripper. Oh, the Doctor took things so literally!

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Harry just meant the same time period, not to go see the bloody murderer. They wouldn't last 5 minutes.

He managed to make it after the Doctor just in time but he didn't reach anything to stabilise him. He tumbled backward and landed on the ground with a nice loud thud, not even having chance to react as the blasted thing took off.

"One of these days, you'll split my head open. Then you'll be sorry."

((Sorry. I'm gonna give up right now cause I can't concentrate. Be back in a while.))

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The Doctor indeed be sorry to crack Harry's head open, but he was sure that it wouldn't happen. Companions tended to like being thrown around. Rose and Martha certainly had found it exciting! And Jack and--

Right. He ought to keep his mind on Harry. He grinned goofily and rushed towards the man, pulling him to his feet.

"Ooh, you should probably change. Jumpers in late Victorian England--" The Doctor paused, and frowned, and blinked, and threw himself over Harry seconds before the console blew up!

(My poor Monkie! I hope you're all right <3 ))

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Harry grabbed the Doctors hand and smiled, Victorians didn't have jumpers? Oh, no wonder they were always getting illnesses and colds. You couldn't beat a jumper, they were overly handy.

Whatever was going on, Harry just knew that his head hit the floor pretty hard. Wonderful, he was bloody look it didn't crack open that time and-- and was the console exploding? Oh Lord.

"Whats happening?" Harry whispered into the Doctors ear as he waited for the damage to be over. The thing was in overdrive!

((Monkie-o has returned. And is much better *nodnod* just had a splitting headache and a bas start, is all better ^_____^))

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Slipping his fingers through the grating of the floor to hang on tightly, the Doctor didn't answer Harry's incessant questions. He really didn't know what had happened. Sometimes he was sure that it just spontaneously exploded every few months to keep him on his toes.

Nothing really hit his back, there were just some sparks, but the Doctor did feel something running through him. Electrical current-- No, not current, but then--

Whatever it was caused the Doctor to black out.

It had been over half a year, by Harry's standards, since the Doctor had slipped away from him. Hopefully this time David would be a little more at ease and not try to drown himself in the Thamas!

"Ah...all right, all right," he muttered, thick Scottish accent striking Harry's ear. "What's this then? Y'all right down there?"

((Oh good. Happy monkies are happy!))

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It was the Scottish accent that sent a feeling of horror running through him. It wasn't when the Doctor went limp or when his head started to throb, oh no. It was that utterly dreadful to hear.

His eyes opened and looked up into those rather annoying earnest eyes.

And he could of wept right then and there.

"Oh no. Ooooh, not you again. How-- why-- David? Its you, isn't it?" The Doctor was where then? Rolling his eyes, he shoved the other man off and looked up just in time for another explosion the other side of the console.

Why was it than whenever David woke up, they almost crashed?!

((Yessssss, but Monkie's still want hugs :3))

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Harry watched David in utter confusion before getting to his feet and following along. Snatching the calender, he glared down at the stupid fish before reading it over. Aristotle? Someone knew David would be here... they brought him back for a fish?!

Rubbing at his eyes, he dropped the calendar and tried his best to refrain from attack the Scotsman beside him.

"This is a mistake, we're not meant to be here. I can't be here. I'm supposed to be going back in time or seeing something special. I don't want to be here again."

He hated it the first time and the second time would be a lot worse. He had memories, different ideas of fun, he had someone he actually loved.

This was not a fun idea.

"You did this, somehow. It had to be. No one knew you were in there or that you had a fish but you. It wasn't me and it wasn't the Doctor so somehow it was you. What did you do?"

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'How'd I manage to... Oh!" David pulled open the fridge and found it fully stocked. He gazed over the cupboards, also filled to the brim.

What did this mean? Well, he didn't have time to argue. Grabbing a beer, the good doctor (with a lowercase D) rushed into the living room to feed Aristotle. He found him charming and smiled brightly at the fish.

"Oh, you're lovely, aren't you? Bit of a rose color..." David's smile was as bright as the Doctor's as he poked around the flat and glanced at the table where he kept his mail. There were several pieces for 'Dr. David McDonald' and one bright blue envelope for 'Harold Saxon.'

"Oi! 'Arry! Mail for you!"

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This was a living hell. As David dance around, Harry dropped down onto the sofa, looking undeniable glum at this whole outcome. He had so much left to do, he wasn't ready to go home. He didn't want to.

He didn't want to watch a man he loved walking around without knowing him and chasing another person.

Looking up, he raised an eyebrow before holding out his hand till David eventually gave up and handed it over. Taking the letter, he tentatively ripped it open with a small unsure frown, checking for anything destructive.

"Why would I get mail at your house?" Harry complained as he unfolded the letter, frowning at the messy handwriting and struggling to decode it.

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"Harold Saxon: Really sorry about this. I was going to tell you but I thought you'd be safer not knowing. Happened to have a small kip to the future when you were sleeping a few days ago and found out that the rift I thought I'd fixed really wasn't fixed at all. I knew it was a bit unavoidable, the rift would just keep on chasing us since it's a bit attached to the--" The words were impossible to decipher as the Doctor had been unable to think of how to translate the words with English letters, he he used Pakali diagrams instead -- "..of the TARDIS. So, when it tags us, and since you're reading this, it did, I am pretty sure it would cause my mind to have a small melt down. Again, reading this? It did. Right, so, all you need to do is keep my body safe for about three months until it repairs itself. I've taken the liberty of setting the TARDIS to crash in David's old flat and I got you a fish to look after while I'm unconscious. His name is Aristotle. See you soon! The Doctor."

Evidently, the Doctor hadn't forseen that David would come out in his place. Otherwise he'd have been sure to not only mention it, but give Harry a long list of dos and do nots.

When Harry flipped the page over, he'd notice a post script.

"I've taken the liberty," the Doctor wrote, "of getting you your old job back. Just for three months! You'll need spending money, yeah? Good luck and keep my body away from pears!"

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Harry stared at the letter for a good long while before screwed it up and shoving it into his pocket. Last time the Doctor told him a date he'd be back, he took about 3 weeks longer to actually find him. So what? 3 months this time? Years? He didn't want to go back to work or to his old life but the Doctor left him zero chose in the matter.

Putting his head in his hands, he couldn't fight the urge to get revenge. Really, someone could of warned him. He would of gone with the bloody Master to that planet where they all had backwards feet for some odd reason.

"I'm going," Harry declared, giving David a tired expression before unlocking the door. "We're here for a while so make yourself at home. Again. Oh yes! And when you get the time, I suggest you try some pears. The Doctor always loved them."

So he was lying, but he was angry, he'd been left here when he hated it. Sighing, he closed the door behind him and strolled across to find his old home.

It seemed so much smaller and confined now. Maybe he could just skip work tomorrow and lie in?

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There were no pears to be had in the flat, so after checking over his things and trying to cover up the TARDIS with a sheet, David decided to go out and do a little shopping.

It just seemed fairly normal to go next door first and beam at Harry when the man opened the door.

"Goin' to the store! You'd like some milk or eggs? I don't mind doin' the errands!" Good old David, back again. At least one of them was happy!

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"If you say so," Robbie nodded his head, even if he didn't buy it, and leaned leisurely along the door. David always did managed to get himself into a state. And usually it was somehow because of Harry, he either upset David, mocked his fish, broke his rocket, called him a bad teacher. All those things had sparked him off in the past.

Raising an eyebrow, he laughed in amusement before giving himself a boost of the toilet tank and pulling himself up and over.

Landing awkwardly in front of David, he hopped around and made a small noise of pain. His ankles always screwed up!

"Ow, ow, ow! Sorry about that. Where were we? Oh right, the job. Course! Physics teacher just got knocked up anyway, she can only work part-time soon, bet she'd love some help."

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If there was one problem with David, it was his lack of remembering about personal space. Arms around Robbie, despite his hurt ankle, David pressed himself against the other man. "Thank you, thank--"

The door creaked open. "O-Oh! Sorry! I'll use the one upstairs!" Gareth gave Robbie a thumb's up before meandering his way out of the bathroom to give his roommate some alone time.

With David.


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"What? No! No, no, no, no! He's just hugging me, don't you dare tell anyone Gareth or I'll make sure you never find your textbook tomorrow!"

Sighing, he slumped down and pulled David into a hug. Just because he did love a good hug.

"You're totally going to blow my chances with ladies," Robbie remarked, even though he had no chance with the ladies. He was awkward, fumbled about, was far too blunt and all the women here assumed he and Gareth were married or something.

Still, he didn't run off to stop his friend, he just tried to comfort David. "Go talk to the head. He'll be happy to have you!"

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"I missed you," David said, though he didn't really. He was so very rarely awake that it felt like sleeping most of the time. Even so, knowing that it had been half a year since he'd seen Robbie was enough to make the older man whine out all of his emotions like some childish girl.

He really didn't care what Gareth thought. He had a woman he was really rather in love with and Robbie...was just Robbie.

He gave good hugs and felt sort of like a brother.

He gave off this... Vibe? David liked it.

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"Ah, we all missed you too buddy. And Harry, even if he mostly likely didn't miss us one bit, its nice to just have the old gang together."

Robbie just missed it when anyone left, even people who are fairly hostile to him!

Patting the other man on the back, he pulled away, adjusted his bowtie and gestured to the door. "Right, I have class in 15 minutes and you need to go get your job. Neither will be accomplished from hugging."

Which was a shame. What a world that'd be.

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"I know what my first task is. I'll meet up with John and together, we will be a robot that harnesses jobs through the power of hugging!" David grinned at Robbie and let him go, trying to clean himself up a little more so that he could be presentable for begging.

In the end, it didn't take much time to accomplish at all. A little bit of sniveling and a a few well timed praises of football teams earned David a part time job and some tutoring hours.

He was all smiles by the end of the day for Physics Club...which had a turn out of over forty students.

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It took over ten minutes for David to return, but he hardly had a smile on his face like he use to. It was so easy to see passed David's pretend cheer that it was actually pretty painful to look at him for very long.

"All right," he murmured, "Sorry about the drink, but I think I need to be going."

Gareth looked annoyed but David did his best to ignore it. He continued that terribly sad smile of his, grabbed his coat, and left the pub rather quickly.

Harry stared at David with his mouth half open before picking up his drink, downing it all in one go and tossing the glass to the side. That bloody bastard! How dare he run off and leave him behind on his own when this whole thing was his stupid idea. "Excuse me, I have a physics teacher to murder."

Leaping over the table in a very un-Harry like manner, he ran out of the pub with no second thoughts, ready to get back at David for leaving him behind.

"Oi! You come back here right now!" Harry yelled as he ran after David, managing to catch up with him and shove him as hard as he could. "You can't just force me into your stupid little social adventures then sulk and run off like that."

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Gareth glanced at Robbie and grinned. "They are totally shagging," he said, grabbing David's drink. Hey it was already paid for! Why not have it? "Sorry, Robbie."

When David realized he was being chased, he started to run. Faster and faster until he was actually giggling like a big girl as his arms tucked tight to his sides.

He ducked around a corner and hide, knowing Harry would catch him. And wanting him to.

Oh this was stupid! Why on Earth was David running around like a little girl, flailing his arms and giggling. It did his head in. Growling. he took off after the idiot with every intention to punch him in the face!

Rounding the corner, he grabbed David by the shirt and slammed him harder into the wall, glaring at the idiot with an unamused look.

"What is wrong with you? What is so defective in your head that you have to act like a spoilt toddler all the time?"

Panting heavily, Harry let his breath catch up, not really sure why he was so upset and angry over all this.

"It feels normal!" David said in defense of himself, not fighting back. Having Harry chase him just seemed like the normal course of things, what they should be doing.

He glanced downwards, feeling rather notably foolish, and put his hand to the other man's chest with just a little push.

"Sorry. I'd gotten just a bit carried away," he confessed. "It wasn't my... Harry, you all right mate?" he just looked so... Sad. "I'm sorry Ive taken him... I am. But don't hate me for wanting to live."

Date: 2010-11-02 09:16 pm (UTC)
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Harry pulled away from David and shook his head adamantly, obviously not happy. He didn't want David. Stupid, childish, idiot David. Who loved someone called Rose and only ever pitied him. He didn't want him, he wanted the Doctor. He wanted to run after him, to sleep in the same bed as him, to say 'hello' properly.

"I'm not alright! And I won't be till you go away. I want the Doctor back. I'm sorry that you want to live but if you have to then do it elsewhere. I'm fed up of this."

Throwing his arms in the air, he turned away and headed off. He just wanted to go lie in bed, all he had to do is wait out 3 months and he could go back to the life he liked. It wasn't Davids fault, not at all, it was just hard to avoid the pain he was feeling when the man he wanted was constantly there, just not knowing him. Not loving him.

David let him go. There had always been something about Harry that felt right, but Harry wanted little to do with him. The generally good natured man found himself with balled up fists and an acid tongue. He cursed to himself. He just let it go.

Rather than go home, an annoyed and oddly heart broken David returned to the pub and slid into the booth across from his friends.

"there's a reason no one likes him," he exclaimed. "He is totally unlikeable!"

"Lovers spat," Robbie whispered to Robbie and both laughed among themselves, trying their best not to piss off David more than he looked. What did Harry say this time?

"I thought you said before that he was probably just lonely and needed some mates? Change your mind? Did he turn red, grow horns and a tail?"

It wouldn't be that odd really, Robbie always thought their was a bit of a devil to that man, especially considering his distance and aloof nature. It was completely alien.

Date: 2010-11-02 09:17 pm (UTC)
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David couldn't help but laugh.

"Oh! If only! That would have been pretty amazing!" David spent a good deal of time chatting about Harry before he switched to his new fish, a far more interesting topic for everyone involved.

"What about Donatello?" Gareth asked before David looked heart broken. His turtle. His poor pets kept on getting the cruel butt of all of the Doctor's adventures.

"Maybe I shouldn't get pats anymore," he said, wilted.

"Perhaps you need a none died-able pet?" Robbie suggested, course he and Gareth brought a puppy themselves, one year old now and it loved to tear up everything. In fact, there flat was a tip because of it. Which is exactly why they wouldn't be inviting David around just yet.

"Get John to make you a robot or something?"

And speaking of robot pets, Harry had just remember something-- or more someone-- very important he'd left behind in the TARDIS. Which is why he was climbing through Davids window while Davids nosy neighbour watched with a look of absolute confusion.

David returned home just in time to find his window open, the door to tha TARDIS open with the sheet pulled off and his telescope absolutely in shambles. His eyes wobbled just a little before he found a very heavy book to combat the intruder and snuck into the blue box.

"Hello?" he asked with the book raised over his head. "Anyone--". Movement! David clamped his mouth closed and tripped after the shadow, bringing the tome down on poor Harry's head!

"Harold's been injured!" a whirring voice proclaimed. "Doctor!"

David blinked twiced and dropped the book before he nearly fainted dead away.

Date: 2010-11-02 09:17 pm (UTC)
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Ow! Okay, Harry didn't expect that. Slamming to the ground, Harry lay there almost completely stunned as he felt the heavy book roll off him and onto the floor. Christ, David was trying to kill him.

Blue whizzed around the injured man and tried to wake him up, making a warning sound of distress at Harry. "Harold, Harold wake up please, the Doctor is very stunned!"

Groaning, Harry rolled over and gave David a small confused frown. "Blue?"

"Oh no! He's hurt! Heeeeelp!"

"Blue, shut up!"

"What is that thing?!" David cried out holding his head a d pointing as Blue hovered around like a squrrel on speed. "Oh God, is it talking?!"

"Harold, the Doctor has speech patterns from the northern Glasgow area of Scotland. Advise on how I should proceed with first aid!"

David needed to sit down before he hyperventilated.

"Harold, Harold, Harold!"

Date: 2010-11-02 09:25 pm (UTC)
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It was like having a hyperactive child. Why did he even go to find this thing. Dragging himself upright, he grabbed a hold on the blue orb and did the same thing that the Master used to do. He threw it.

Bounce, bounce and a roll down under the grating, all the time it was whirring in enjoyment.

"Shut up Blue!" It was bad enough he had a concussion most likely but he had David panicking and the stupid device yelling in his ear.

Stumbling to David, he reached out and slapped the man around his face, trying to snap him out of it. "David. David calm down, for God sake! Its just blue, a robot. He's a friend. My friend. I came to get him, I locked him in."

"Haroooooold! I've fallen and I can't get up! Assist me, I need instructions."

"Sit still and let me deal with the Doct-- David!"

"Whose David?"

"Shhhhhhh!" Harry yelled, trying his best to ignore the chatting blue ball of energy.

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