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"A Very Odd After School Meeting"
: David, Harry, Jack, Robbie, Gareth, Hugh
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: A few days after David's trip to Mars

"I should have stayed on Mars!" David said as the building around them shook.  He tucked his head against his knees and covered it with the back of it with his arms.  He already had a smattering of plaster caught in his hair.  When he shook, which he was doing quite a lot of, it looked a bit like Christmas with all of the 'snow' showering across the floor.

Jack was the only one standing, hands on his hips and a look of disquiet on his face.  Ianto. Owen.  The Doctor's next regeneration...they were all here...they were all professors.  It was absolutely making him crazy.  "So, there's another one of me here too?  He teaches..."

"Robotics," Gareth said, less than happily, though he ignored what David was whining about.  "But don't you think there's better things t'do now than complain about your brother?  Like...oh I don't know...SURVIVE?!"

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"We'll be fine, the news said it was just a slight earthquake," Robbie remarked as he braced himself against the wall. The power had gone out about half an hour ago and while the students all left about an hour back and most teachers had the good sense to run, unfortunately those who happened to be in the conference room where very much stuck.

This was the last time Harry bothered to show up for a meeting! Especially when the lights flickered beforehand.

"Jack, I have a funny feeling this has something to do with the rift," Harry suggested as he carefully got to his feet and braced himself against the wall.

Well, when the was the last time London had a sodding Earthquake.

"Whats a rift?"

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Jack really didn't feel like answering Ian--Gareth's questions. He was having trouble even looking at him. He cleared his throat and addressed the ceiling instead. "Fault lines, you know."

"Robbie," David said, still stuck in his own world, "it's not an earthquake, it's some inter-dimensional being and we can't just stay here--"

"Your boyfriend's been watching too many sci fi shows," Gareth muttered to his best friend while Hugh looked on. Hugh'd been harboring a less than secret crush on David for some time.

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"David, shut up," Harry mumbled in annoyance as he stumbled across to the door and tugged hopelessly at it, something was blocking the doorway, something must of tumbled over it to stop it opening. Just brilliant.

"How'd we get out?"

Robbie looked around the room before eyeing up a vent across the room with a small smirk. "The vent! We can send someone through who can then go around and open the door for us. But we need someone small and wiry who can wriggle through with ease."

Turning his head, he gave Harry a pointed look. Opening his mouth, Harry didn't know if he was offend or simply annoyed that it was somehow his job. "What? No! Hugh is just as short, send him!"

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"Hugh will shit his pants and die," Gareth said gravely, already standing up to help Harry off with his coat while Robbie went to the vent. Jack pinched his nose and groaned.

It was a bad idea, he knew that. Harry might be a time lord, he might be able to manage himself, but let's face it, they were without a lot of choices. Jack was attached to the man, but that wasn't how being a leader worked.

"You're going to have to," he muttered, glancing up at the ceiling.

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"For the record, I hate you all for this," Harry growled as he jerked his coat from Gareths grasp and tossed it along to Jack, hoping the other man wouldn't forget it. That was a very expensive coat.

"We all know Harry, you hate us, we get it. Just come on," Robbie mumbled as he plucked the grid off the vent and tossed it to the floor, gesturing for Harry to come over. "I'll boost you up, you haul yourself through."

Glaring, Harry put his hands on Robbies shoulder and let the man lift him, fingers grasping onto the sides of the vent and he managed to pull himself through, his legs flailing as he finally managed to get inside it, almost whacking Robbie in the head as he did so.

As he made his way through, Harry wriggle along the vent, coughing as he inhaled a ton of dust. "Oooh. Yuck, I think I just swallowed a mouthful of 100 year old dust!"

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"That'd make you a cannibal!" Jack said goodheartedly, switching on his blue tooth. He could tap into Harry's mobile, in his trouser pocket, fairly easily and speak to him through the earpiece and his wrist strap. "Is a hundred year old bottle of wine similar? Ooh, speaking of, we need to try the new French place that opened up a block from the flat."

"Oh, you're dating Harry?" Gareth looked disappointed and Jack was probably going to go crazy seeing the man alive and not himself. What happened to the jackets? The pinstripes? When did he get a sense of humor?

Jack laughed. "He's got his eye on someone with more amazing hair."

Gareth gave Robbie a look. And then they both looked at David.

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"I told you, I hate french food. Nothing personal to the french, just... tastes like the dust I just inhale," Harry mumbled as he pushed himself through the small area. Though truthfully the main thing that put him off it was the Master's wonderful story about eating French people.

"The Master put me off it."

Robbie frowned before raising an eyebrow. The Master? Was Harry into some weird BDSM stuff? Looking over at David, he raised an eyebrow and mouthed 'Is that you?'.

Slam! The vent whacked open on the other end and Harry peered out into the hallway. "Okay, I'm through!"

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Harry managed to force his eyes open when the noise stopped, peering up at Jack with a small frown. Was he really showing off his gun at a time like this? Slumping back down, he closed his eyes and let his body relax against the floor.

He was just bloody lucky he hadn't worked out that Robbie was now apparent in the 'human Time Lord' club.

Seriously, worse outcome ever.

With three of their team slumped on the floor, Hugh rubbed the back of his neck before looking at Jack, unsure if approaching the arm man was wise. "Err... now what?"

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Jack paid no attention to a team that didn't know what to do. These weren't his men, even if he missed them, even if he wished that they were. Wrapping his arms around Harry, Jack pulled him up slightly to feel his breath against his cheek. He pressed his hand to his chest, and there were the double heartbeats.

"Thank God," he breathed a sigh of relief and shook his head. The Time Lord's body would repair itself. David was just fine as well. Robbie? Well Jack could only feel one heart. Was he completely fobbed? Then how did it affect him?

Tilting his head to the side, he let the mystery go.

"You two should do. I'll wait for them to wake up."

"No way! Robbie's my best friend, I'm going no where!"

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It was hard to bring themselves to leave behind their friends, after all everyone always got on well with Robbie and David was well loved by all. Harry... well, he was a jerk half the time, but even Gareth wouldn't leave him behind.

Something was very wrong with all of them.

And blood types? That didn't seem to make any sense!

As Harry rolled over, he slumped against Davids side with his eyes closed, all three of them peacefully resting. Hugh frowned before crouching down.

"Why not just wait?"

((Hey! *snugs* Monkie-o will be on and off as I'm still kinda sick. How are you? ^ ^))

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Jack pinched the bridge of his nose. Again. They were so argumentative, not that he didn't appreciate that about them, thus just wasn't the time nor the place for it.

"If you'd like to stay, that's fine, just don't get in my way.". Jack left the room, one thing on his mind. Where there was one creepy crawly, another tended to be not too far behind.

He really didn't need any more psionic attacks on Time Lords. And he really didn't want to have to deal with the reprocussions of there being two Doctors either.

He could figure all of that out later. Now he needed to hunt.

"Jack? Jack?" Harry called out when his senses shot back to him, struggling to get himself upright.

"Errm, that, um, Jack bloke went off," Hugh stuttered as he rushed across to assist Harry upright, assuming that now they were going to be able to get out of here. "Are you okay Harold?"

"Harry. And I will be, had worse," Turning his head to his side, he prodded David as hard as he could, trying to wake him up before--

Oh no. What the hell?

"Why is Robbie on the floor?"

Gareth shrugged. "I don't know, your friend said it had to do with blood types. Guess it's sort of like what happened a few Christmases ago..."

Strange things were rather usual these days. Londoners tended to just take it all for granted, unfortunately, which just ended with people being even more confused in the end.

David stirred not too long later, rubbing his eyes and mumbling in a language that didn't sound English. Even if his accent could have been the cause of that. There were enough TARDISes around for it hardly to matter.

Translations, unless purposefully left out, were taken for granted.

"What happened?"

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"Blood types?"

Had to be a lie. He knew from how lame it sounded, surely it was something cooler - which probably meant who he and David really were. And maybe Robbie just got in the way or something? He was pretty sure that there was no way in hell Robbie could be a Time Lord! After all, there were only two survivors.

"We passed out," Harry informed David before staggering to his feet and leaning his head out of the doorway.

"Jack? Where are you?"

"Who the hell is Jack anyway?" Robbie mumbled from where he was sitting, unsure why everyone was trusting this guy when alll they really knew was that Harry liked him... and was that really a good thing?

"Captain Jack Harkness," Jack said swinging back into the room. He'd put down the only other two he could find. "I saved all of your cute reare ds." He could grin with the best of them and con people into liking him with only a flash of too blue eyes or pearly white teeth. "I work for Torchwood. We clean up stuff like thus."

That made Gareth get stars in his eyes and Jack just kept his own on everyone else.

"Pretty sure I got em all so how about we get out of here." Jack picked Robbie up and threw him over his broad shoulder, ready and willing to get out of here and get Harry home.

He gestured for the others to follow.

"Woah, you're steady." Robbie remarked, sounding fairly dizzy as he looked down at the floor, oddly amused by this set up. Harry stumbled behind Jack, shaking his head to try and sort out the pain in his skull.

"You have the craziest friends," Hugh whispered to Harry, who was frankly more put off by Jack than Gareth, who was essentially bouncing after him like a star struck young boy.

And embarrassingly enough, Harry remembered doing a similar thing. Christ, what did Jack do to people?

"Please, you think he's bad, you should of seen the man I travel with for 10 months," Harry remarked, winking playfully before catching to Jack and dropping into step with him, trying to ignore Robbie's constant rambling about the state of the floor still being nicer than his apartment.

That was exactly why Harry never went around to his flat for drinks.

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Hugh blinked and pushed up his glasses, moving quickly to catch Harry when he almost stumbled. That likely would have resulted in them both falling over. "Knew you were gay," Gareth said, chirping happily. He was the poster boy for childish and gay, and thought he was quite adorable even if Jack refused to look at him.

That was why he was trying extra hard to get noticed. Besides, who wouldn't want Jack to notice them?

David dragged his feet, taking up the rear. His head was killing him and he had no idea why. More crazy alien stuff? "Where's my mobile?" he muttered. "Someone needs to call the police."

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"Oh God, is that sandwich moving?" Harry recoiled in horror as something started to shuffling among the coffee table. Peering closer, he noticed the sandwich have two beedy eyes and a pink nose.

"Don't be stupid Harry, thats Fredrick. Robbies hamster."

... They had a wild hamster running around their flat? It was bad enough the whole bloody place was covered in sports equipment and there was a dog barking and leaping at Robbies door but there was free roaming rodents.

"God, I'm surprise you two have never had the plague," Harry groaned before glancing over at the door that Sherlock, the excitable little mongrel, was trying to break into. "So... have you spoken to Robbie in there or what?"

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Gareth was just staring at him, and Jack, who was use to it, still found the whole thing disconcerting. "I've tried, he's not talking," Gareth said, smiling at Jack. "So what kind of pizza? You look like a pepperoni guy."

Jack blinked. "Sure am."

"I can put on coffee too, if you want."

Well how cruel can you be? Jack kept on smiling. "Sure, sounds great."

He shrugged at Harry, hoping for a bit of a rescue, but Harry was too interested in other things. Like the sudden burst of gold from under the door.

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"Err, Jack, explosions!"

Looking over at the door as a golden light flooded out, Harry just watched in awe as a weird sensation ran over him. A Time Lord was coming to be. The Doctor was waking up and Harry couldn't of felt more nervous.

Course he would of had Jack for moral support but he was too busy flirting with Gareth. Every bloody universe.

Walking across to Robbies door, he frowned before knocking carefully. "Oi! Robbie! You alright in there."

Several bangs echoed out, some yelling then finally something slammed very hard into the door. "Everything is fine, Harold. Dodgy lamp! Be right with you."

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Poor Jack! He most certainly was not flirting, no matter what Harry believed! He left Gareth right away and moved instead to the door. "Hey, it's your superhero. Mind if I come in?" he asked, more than a little worried about what was becoming of Robbie in there.

He knew what had happened to the Master when he opened his watch. Would the Doctor be more or less understanding?

And what would he say when he saw the Master?

They had some very complicated issues.

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"I said I'm okay!"

Harry frowned before watching the door carefully and clearing his throat. He didn't buy any of this. The watch had been opened, hadn't it?

"Robbie, open the door. Now."

There was a lot of fumbled, some moving around before the door was unlocked and 'Robbie' finally stuck his head out of the door. "I'm okay! Five minutes. Learn some patiences and sit down. We have snacks... Somewhere. Gaaaaaaareth! Get snacks."

And like that, the door was slammed shut on his face once more.

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Jack turned on his heels and rubbed a hand down his face. He gazed at the door, at the thickness of the wood, and nodded to himself. Breakable. This was cheaply made. A bachelor pad. A very livable but not well constructed flat for two nice men.

Jack shooed Harry back, took two steps back himself, and then raised his foot and hit the door at the weakest point. It swung open.


He needed to know. And if it wasn't safe, he needed to get Harry out of here.

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Jack nodded solemnly as he watched the Doctor trying to Robbie-fy himself. He tilted his head to the side and tapped his wrist strap. "It should still work," he murmured. "Just be careful with yourself. Harry needs him to stay in one piece."

He let the Doctor go, who made up a brilliant excuse to go out, and Jack took hold of Harry's shoulder. "Well we've got to run too!"

Gareth frowned lightly, but didn't say a word, not even to ask for Jack's mobile. He knew something was up.

David was pleased to see Robbie. "After today, I need something normal!" And Rose wasn't answering her phone.

It was easy to lie, to pretend to be Robbie, he just had to be himself but human it up and pretend he knew who football players were. He didn't but he could make it up? Might work.

He kept his phone on, promised Gareth he'd be back before dashing off to David.

And if David wanted normal... it wasn't going to happen tonight. "David! Hello, hello, its wonderful to see you. Now go grab your shoes, I need your help. Oh! And pack a lunch, I'm starving, haven't eaten in 12-- err hours."

He had to go find his TARDIS but he couldn't leave David behind. So a little multitasking as in order. "Go, go, go!"

Robbie was always a strange one, but this had to have been the strangest, and most demanding, request ever given to him. "Uh, sure. Jam and toast? Oh I have leftovers from Rose..."

David busied himself in the kitchen, not at all imagining that it might be odd to offer his supposedly human friend some Martian cusine.

It looked, more or less, American. Big portions, large pieces of 'meat' that happened to actually be algae, and quite a lot of friend vegetables.

"do you want to go out the the Quarry? Better viewing there."

"Oh alright, course, thats just fine. But I need to make a stop at the university first. Harry dropped my pager there," he hadn't but it seemed a good enough lie to get David to play along. Following him into the kitchen, he looked around before invading the mans fridge and plucking out a carton of milk.

Drinking it down swiftly, he barely paused for a breath till the whole thing was empty. God he missed drinking! And breathing and eating and everything else!

Wiping his mouth of his football shirt, he offered David a bright smile. "Sorry, I'm dying for a drink. Milks good for the body as well. Gareth forgot to buy any, you know how he is? Never pays attention to the list I pin on the fridge every morning."

Though in all fairness, where exactly was Gareth meant to buy 'something nice and fluffy but filling for lunch, something snackish and something for breakfast'. Robbie wasn't the best at specifics.

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"Oh alright, course, thats just fine. But I need to make a stop at the university first. Harry dropped my pager there," he hadn't but it seemed a good enough lie to get David to play along. Following him into the kitchen, he looked around before invading the mans fridge and plucking out a carton of milk.

Drinking it down swiftly, he barely paused for a breath till the whole thing was empty. God he missed drinking! And breathing and eating and everything else!

Wiping his mouth of his football shirt, he offered David a bright smile. "Sorry, I'm dying for a drink. Milks good for the body as well. Gareth forgot to buy any, you know how he is? Never pays attention to the list I pin on the fridge every morning."

Though in all fairness, where exactly was Gareth meant to buy 'something nice and fluffy but filling for lunch, something snackish and something for breakfast'. Robbie wasn't the best at specifics.

David just blinked at Robbie and then down through the mouth of the milk container. Gone! Well it was a good thing he wasn't interested in cereal or coffee at the moment. He might have been sad.

"Blimey, here, have a roll to hold you over and we'll get you down to the university as quickly as possible." David grinned happily as he packed his basket up and finished putting away his telescope. He brought along extra tape. Harry had broken the lense and tripod slipping into the window the other day, but duct tape worked wonders, that was for sure!

"All right!" he said, arms full. "Pager and then the stars!"

Ripping apart the roll, he mumbled something around his mouthful before taking off out the door, waiting for David to lock up. While he did, the Doctor hopped along to Harrys place. While David wasn't looking, he quickly unlocked it with his sonic and pushed the door open.

"Oh. Your neighbour didn't lock his door," Course, he knew whose it was but he had to play dumb/ He just wanted to see it, the home of the man he'd lost so many times. This Doctor had the sense to fobwatch him and he couldn't deny his own jealousy as he peered into the rather bare and messy flat,

Closing it shut and hoping no one noticed and robbed his form arch enemy, he span around and stepped away from the flat.

"Right, less snooping around, off we go!"

David spoke about all sorts of space phenomena, pretty sure that Robbie had tuned him out. They'd hung out a few times, nothing major, but he never seemed so distant before.

David didn't ask why they were headed into the basement or anything like that. He vaguely recalled the attack and assumed they'd come this was for safety. Oh if only he k ew the truth of what they had faced!

"You know," he said shifting around the weight of the basket, "I've never been down here. Seems oh...I don't know, bit creepy huh?"

Actually he wanted to explore. Badly enough to just wander off!

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The Doctor was uninterested, he just knew it all. It was like a toddler telling him that cows went moo. Still, he tried his best to humour David but his mind was mostly on finding his TARDIS.

Moving carefully around the basement, he pushed on through to the supplies cupboard that was boarded up and labelled unsafe... which the Doctor may have done before he fobwatched himself. He had to find somewhere safe to hide it. Tearing off the tape and removing the signs, he ripped open the door to reveal a wonderful blue box.

"Ooooh. Oh there you are, you wonderful thing. I miss you so much," 'Robbie' declared, stroking the box with a bright grin before patting it and spinning around to David, trying his best not to freak the other man out.

"Now David, I can explain, just don't panic. Promise?"

David wasn't there, poking around in one of the siderooms instead. He was humming to himself, and having left his basket and telescope on the floor by the door, Davis didn't even have anything to defend himself when a tenticle shot out and wrapped around his ankle.

It was like a very bad science fiction movie! And that was actually what he was thinking as he was dragged around into boxes and against walls like a pinball machine.

Boom! "Ahh!" All right, this was crazy! Certainly not all that much fun, not like monster movies made it out to be. "Robbie! Little help here!"

"And therefore I am technically you, understand David?-- David?" Turning his head, he finally realised David was not in fact there. He had just been talking to himself for the past few minutes while a tentacle slowly started to drag David along. By the time he worked out the other man was missing, he had to make a mad dash to find him.

"I'm coming! Hold still!" Which wasn't much help as David couldn't exactly run off. Quick slipping off his bag, he unlocked the chest with his sonic before pulling out the small round device he had stored away.

Running along, he grabbed David by the wrist and held on tight before tossing the little ball of energy along. It whirred madly and a bright light flashed, causing the tentacle to loosen as the creature recoiled from the light. "Come on, on your feet, we have to get into the TARDIS!"

Date: 2010-11-05 08:32 pm (UTC)
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David blinked up at Robbie, somewhat oblivious to what had been happening. "Wait," he said less worried about the bruises and the tenticle than he was about the TARDIS. "Why did ww leave the flat if you just wanted to go there? It's in my living room!"

It also seemed to be in the basement of the school, tricky thing! David blinked at it slowly as Robbie opened the door.

"Wait...why do you... What I mean to say is that why do you even know about the TaRDIS?" It seemed a tiny bit fishy to him really.

"Its a very long story, that I will explain, but basically this is my TARDIS, I am the Doctor,"

And if that didn't confused David then wait till he got to the whole 'I'm you' part again. God, all that explaining for nothing. Skipping along to the TARDIS, he pushed it open and shoved David into it. He had to keep this Doctor safe, it was his duty! He would keep the Doctor safe, find a way to keep him and Harry together then help them both get unfobwatched. He assumed that was the plan.

The TARDIS was different to the one David knew so well, the control room was a lot more modern and grander, not as basic as David's. Still, he loved the TARDIS no matter how it spoke.

"Now, David, you and I have a lot to talk about, don't we?"

"A type writer!?" Talking? David was less interested in talking than he was in exploring. He'd wandered off on Rose as well, making him a rather interesting companion. And a very dangerous one. At least he was quite often afraid of things, and didn't just blunder right into them with a sudden desire to pet them or bring them home!

Up on the platform, David poked at things he figured were safe a d made little 'ooooh' faces as the things that were perhaps not so safe.

"But this is brilliant! Far better than the one in my flat and--" Ah there he went, "So you're the one that keeps making me black out!? You know, I thought you'd be some sort of personality, not a completely different person. At least I cann tell you how very annoyed I am at you! Taking Harry on adventures is fine, but I wish you'd leave me out of it. I rather like ib here!"

The Doctor was a bit confused, he had to assume that this Doctor travelled with Harry but kept David in the watch perhaps? A fobwatch personality grown into a person? Now that was remarkable. Though now he felt slightly bad for Robbie. Poor Robbie, locked up in a watch and kept in the dark after living a life he thought was his.

"I'm afraid that wasn't me. Its -- timey-wimey. I'm a different Doctor, I regenerated from the Doctor you are now. And in all fairness, its one of the hazards of fobwatching, I doubt its his fault," Pulling out his own fobwatch, he held it up to David to present that he mos certainly wasn't the one keeping David in his position.

He wasn't sure how much David knew about him or this place but he tried his best to get a handle on it all.

"I suppose you're what Robbie is to me, a creation of the machine. They have thoughts, feelings, friends and memories but they aren't real contingent beings, more like a cloaking device of a Time Lord. Understand? Great! Now I assume you know about the Doctor, what about the Master? Or Time Lords? Just so I don't overcomplicate things.

Date: 2010-11-05 08:33 pm (UTC)
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David was exactly interested inthis talk. Well no that was a lie. He was more than interested in what the other man had to say about himself but first--

David grabbed the watch right from the Doctor's hand and pulled it to his chest. "This is Robbie?" he asked, looking heartbroken. "You Time Lords just don't care! You create us, make us to suit your purposes and then forget that we are alive! You and the other Doctor just don't care! I am a person! So is Robbie!"

David was nit a very impressive fighter, but neither was the Doctor. David hauled back and punched him. Weakly, sure, but it did make him feel better

He sat down with the watch and frowned at it.

"my watch is broken. I'm inside of his head as far as I can tell. I keep waking up... I don't think he wants me... But I want to live like Harry does."

Ow! Okay, that still hurt, the Doctor wasn't exactly a stranger to being punched in the face but David still had a bit of a swing. Rubbing his jaw, he walked carefully over to David and crouched down in front of him, gently prying the watch back off David and keeping it close, almost protectively as if he was worried David would drop it.

"Robbie knows who I am, I told him to open the watch because I was conscious in his head, your friend Harry triggered something in Robbies and he accidentally woke me up before I should of been, not a person but inside the watch like Robbie is now. He made the decision to open the watch because he knew it was right thing for him. I know he's real, I know he thinks and feels, I'm sure the Doctor knows the same of you. But you have to understand that this is all very complicated. Its like killing one person for another."

There wasn't any way to win but the Doctor wasn't about to cast Robbie off. Sure he couldn't exactly save the man but as sad as he was before he opened the watch, Robbies only worry was Gareth being lonely. The Doctor knew Robbie was so much like him, like David reminded him so much of the man he'd been.

"I'm sorry about Robbie, he'll be waking up again as soon as I solve the mess I've made," The Doctor promised before looking down at the little pocket watch he needed to keep safe. "... What about Harry? What do you mean?"

Date: 2010-11-05 08:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
David watched the Doctor hold that pocket watch closed. He'd never seen his own, but he knew already it had been destroyed, mostly accidentally and also because someone else that looked like him had a bit of a jealousy issue and was trying to keep David from ever coming back again.

"Harry' me. Sort of." David didn't know that he and his Time Lord had been separated, it wasn't like they were friends and told each other secrets. It wasn't like they were much of anything except hostile enemies most of the time. "Except the Doctor likes him for what he is. And me, I'm just a nuisance. So Harold Saxon, off to see Outer Space...but you know what? Rose has a TARDIS too. We can go to Mars whenever we'd like for dinner."

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