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"It's All Fun And Games Til Someone Loses An Eye!"
: David, Master, Harry, Jack, Blue
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: A cruise on the Valiant to London and the Master is ready to get back his body.

Grinning like a fool -- for that truly was what David happened to be for the moment -- the Scotsman led the Master straight up to Harry's front door and even knocked on it for him.

A blue eyed man answered instead, half dressed, and to David at least, strangely itchy feeling.  He couldn't put his finger on why that was however.  Glancing at the man in the towel, David took a step back, noted the flat number and frowned again.  "I'm sorry, was lookin' for Harold Saxon?"

Jack grinned and put an arm around David's shoulder.  "He's in here.  How about you come in and--"  Jack spotted the Master and pulled David in with him, ready to shut the door.

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Jack? Jack left! Why on Earth was Captain Freakshow here? Oh God, his plan. Acting swiftly, he swung out and punch Jack as hard as he could in the face... before recoiling and cradling in his. Ow!

"David, be careful, he's one of the Doctors foot soldiers. Can you feel it? The itch? Thats because he's wrong, he's crafted by the Doctor. We have to take him down, he'll kill me else."

Alright, so he was lying but he couldn't do much else at this point.

And where was Harry while all this happened? Well, he was obliviously in the shower, planning out what kind of breakfast he and Jack were going to have.

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David struggled to get out of Jack's arms, grumbling. "But... do you take him down?"

"Take me down?!" Jack frowned at the pair, holding David's head under his arm so that his unwieldy fists couldn't actually manage to strike him. He didn't exactly believe that David could manage to hurt him even if he did connect, but hey. There was a time for everything. "All right, what the hell is going on here? Why are you with the Master?!"

"He's my friend! We're going to save Harry! Where did you put him!?"

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"Oh for the love of--" never trust a human to do a Time Lords job. Pulling out his laser screwdriver, he aimed, fired and took down aim at Jack.

Giving the freak a bright smile, he looked so obviously faking sincerity. Grinning, he span the screwdriver in his hands. "The Doctor shall rule over us with an iron fist no more, I'm here to save us all. Especially my wonderful friend David. Oh yes! And Harry, we're going to fix him."

Laughing in amusement, he took aim once more and fired at Jack, obviously very proud of himself.

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Jack retreated, pulling David back with him and out of the line of fire. "Are you nuts?" he hissed in David's ear as the man cried out like a child. "Are you absolutely nuts?! Why are you listening to him!? He's tried to take over the world a few times!"

David struggled, but it was weakly and without much merit. He simply was not a fighter. Not even the Doctor was!

Grabbing a gun from who knew where, David wasn't sure and he didn't want to ask, Jack pointed it around the corner at the Master and frowned. "I know you can't die," he threatened. "But it takes time to come back from a bullet to the brain!"

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"David. David, ignore him. Trust me, I saved your life. Don't let me die again."

Firing at Jack, he tried his best to get a hit. One contact hit and Jack would be down for the count, if only he stopped squirming and David got out of the way!

"He's trying to turn you against me because I know the truth. He's not a moral man, when I escaped the Doctor, he caught me. He forced me to stay in that contraption, locked away for years alone. The things the Doctor did... unspeakable things."

The Master had a way with manipulations, his words implied more horrors that he could ever express with words. Instead, he stayed on his toes, trying his best to keep his screwdriver aimed, not backing down to the bullet.

"Trust me David. Help me!"

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Being hugged was never Harrys strong spot, he pulled a face of horror and tried his best to stay grounded and not take his eyes off the eggs till David was finally done cuddling him like some eager puppy. Really, it was embarrassing!

"I know, I know. Just find me some ketchup, would you?"

There was no point worrying, the yells and cries of the Master and Jack said it all, no doubt he'd need a new TV and to fix his shelves again. Course hearing the Master yell "Stop waggling it about then!" was unsettling enough that Harry grabbed Davids shirt and carefully pulled him away from the hell zone.

"We'll ignore them and we'll go out while they fight to the death. I'll finally give you back that stupid fish of yours, trust you to leave it behind!"

"Aristole is all right then? The Doctor took me to a planet that was almost entirely water and I wish he would have--". David stopped, squeaking as Blue crashed through the door and into his arms. The big blue eye snuggled into his chest.

"Dont go out there Harold! It's horrible horrible horrible!". From David's arms, Blue tumbled into Harry's nearly making him drop his plate. "Chicken eggs. Good source of protein. Well done Harold!"

David licked his lips. "He's... Well he's a bot brilliant, aye? Wee bit scary... But brilliant!"

"Blue, calm down and get off before I drop my food," Harry remarked patiently, waiting for the big blue ball to whiz off while he set down the omelets for David and himself. Sometimes he was sure that he was never going to escape the insanity of the Time Lord life.

"Harold, shall I sing to you while you eat? Music and food go well together, Jack Harkness has informed me of such."

Harry simply gave the device a 'don't you dare' look before turning his attention to David and smiling wearily. "Blue is -- he's family, I guess. Like a pet... only, you know, nice. Hate pets, me. But Blue is sort of like a nice non-violent pet thats always there. I saved him, fixed him and now he never leaves me alone. And hasn't learned my name."

"I have! Your name is Harold."

"No I meant-- call me Harry, for once."

"Alright then, Harry it is. How was that, Harold?"

David sat back down at the table with Harry as Blue hovered around them. "He's sort of like R2D2," he remarked. So many Jedi referneces in so few days! "Did you know there's something called a Force Police too? I was hoping to find Yoda!"

"Yoda lives on Daygoba!" Blue chimed in. "The Doctor and Harold watched the Star Wars triology in the Doctor's bedroom approximately one hundred four days and thirteen hours ago. Harold fell asleep because the-". Blue's voice changed to a recording of Harry- "Doctor is insatiable when he gets himself started."

David tilted his head to the side and glanced back at Harry. "What's that?"

Grabbing a tea towel, Harry threw it at Blue, smacking the poor ball in the face and sending him bouncing along, towel wrapped around him. Harry looked absolutely horrified by what Blue had just said. Seriously! He had this conversation before.

"Nothing! Its nothing, forget it. I've seen Star Wars, it was boring, I fell asleep because of it."

Actually he'd seen Star Wars, gotten bored, initiated a hug with the Doctor, one thing lead to another and both were fast asleep in a compromising position by the time the credits rolled.

"Harold! Harold! I can't see, everythings dark. Ahhhhh! Help, please, I'm sorrrrry," He wasn't blind or broken, the tea towel was just stick on him and covering his eye.

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David might have been slow on the uptake most of the time. He never actually thought past hugging and kissing and handholding, but he wasn't entirely clueless when it came to anything greater either.

David's eyes seemed to glaze over for a moment. Just a very small moment before he glanced at his hands and leaned back in his chair, eggs half eaten.

"I see." So that was why Harry hated him. Not because of brain washing. But because he and the Doctor were lovers.

Evidently, this was rather unprecidented too. Jack and Rose had never been with the Doctor that way. The Doctor's new companions, Amy and Rory, were married.

"I am so sorry. I am. So very sorry."

Harry physically winced. This was like his worse nightmare come to life. The Doctor was ... different. He didn't want to have to sit there and explain it to David. He didn't want to look at the man who wasn't the one he loved and know he didn't love him. Who loved someone and wouldn't stop talking about her.

"Its not that, you -- its-- oh shut up, David."

Rolling his eyes, he got to his feet and whipped the tea towel off blues head, who immediately flew into Harrys chest and nuzzled against him.

"I'm sorry Harold! Don't be mad Harold, I'll sing to you?"

Distracted by the singing eyeball, David rescued Blue from a fate worse than death and sat it on his lap. "I bought you a present on the water world, Blue," David said, finding the emotionally robot rather endearing, if not a good sounding board for secrets. "You'll have to wait for the other Doctor to find us again though. It's in his TARDiS."

Blue whistled low, an appreciative sound, and was distracted enough to leave Harry alone as he quizzed David on what it could possibly be. So far, he had narrowed it down to being smaller than a bread box, not a toaster, or a plasma coil. David grinned at him, going along with the game.

Jack burst into the kitchen, covered in scorch marks, and fell over. "Got...him..." he murmured just before he died.

"Oh god!" David needed to be clued in about immortals!

Harry looked up from the sink and sighed before turning back to the frying pan and giving it a quick scrub. "Well thats all well and good but you two are cleaning up your own blood. And my livingroom!"

Sighing, Harry finished the washing up and slowly made his way into the livingroom, tutting at the state of it. He was less concerned about the death and more pissed off about the state of his living room.

Disappearing into his bedroom, he returned with one of his ties and carefully bound the Masters arms so he couldn't get free, ignoring the scorch marks on his carpet and the 'J' torn into the Masters hoodie. He didn't even want to know.

Getting to his feet, he dusted off his hands and spared David a glance. "Want to get out of here before they wake up and start fighting again?"

David nodded all too quickly and picked up a backpack from behind Harry's door for Blue. It wasn't as if the robot could exactly go flying around with them!

"Are you all right in the dark?" David asked and Blue recounted all of the words that sounded like 'dark' for him and promised to sing if he got lonely.

David secured the happy cargo, muffled in the pack, and shouldered him as he stepped carefully around the Master. "He was always very nice to me," David lamented. "And gave really excellent hugs."

And he did save his life, so there was that too.

"All right. Let's go see Gareth. I'm sure he's worried over Robbie."

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"Oooh, must we go see Gareth, I always hated him. And Robbie. And Hugh, come to think of it. Funny mad, I told him he had an ugly sweater and he actually cried."

Rolling his eyes, Harry tugged on a jumper and idly tossed a scarf around his neck before opening the door. He wasn't cold but he'd look bloody odd walking around in just a jumper when it had been snowing just yesterday and the wind was bitter cold.

"He hugged you? ... really?"

Now there was a terrifying thought. He preferred the Master as that villainous bloke over a touchy man. "Never hugged me. He got drunk once and steadied himself on me, that was the closest we got to one."

And then the Master threw up on his shoes and passed out. They'd never really had a loving moment, the Master was a manic man, one day happy and the other he was this depressive force of bitterness.

"Fine, one quick trip to Gareths then somewhere else."

Gareth was pleased to see them, and so was Sherlock. He'd started to get worried. Though only the weekend passed for David and the Doctor, six days had gone by for Robbie's anxious roomate. Such was the problem when dealing with a man that had trouble counting all in a row from start to finish. He did not live linearly, not like most everyone else. David smiled sadly at the Welshman. "Bit of a family issue. We were stranded for a few days. I lost my mobile. He broke his... Anyhow, I was sure he'd neglect to tell you himself and... Oh! I've a present!"

It was the same horrid pink and orange New New Earth shirt that David himself was wearing.

"And I've one for you too Harry!" Blue made a muffled chime, but David ignored it. Hopefully Gareth would too.

In actuality, Gareth was trying to work out why his shirt had four arm holes. David had picked out the wrong cut!

Harry didn't wear it, he held it at a distance and pulled a face of horror. It was horrible. The best he did was fake a smile and take a seat on Gareths sofa. Sherlock, the bouncy happy puppy that loved everyone, leapt onto Harry and happily perch himself in the other mans lap, licking at his face in an excited greeting.

And Harry stared at it like it was about to tear off his face.

Carefully getting his arms under the dog, he shifted it along and into Davids arms before shuddering and wiping his hands on his trousers. Dogs were messy, horrible and had very big teeth.

As Sherlock wriggled excitedly in Davids arms, Harry idly looked around the rather messed up flat. There were things all over the floor, the odd picture of Robbie or Gareth or the two of them together. Usually looking like right nutters.

"Perhaps you should consider tidying your flat a bit?"

Gareth frowned and then shrugged at Harry. "Never would find a thing if everything was straightened!" he proclaimed with a massive grin. "But thanks for your concern.". Harry was always rude. Gareth just ignored him.

David, however, was paying no attention to everyone, not even the singing -- and presumably now lonely -- Blue. It was hard to with a wiggling puppy in his lap!

He'd always been a fish and turtle sort of person, but Sherlock was absolute pure and utter brilliance. David couldn't help but love him!

"Gareth, when you see Robbie, tell him to ring me will you?" David asked, after Harry started to sigh every six seconds that passed. Evidently they were overstaying the other man's ability to cope with being social!

before both Gareth and David took the hint.

"Anyway, I'm sure you guys have a lot to do."

"Plenty. Lovely to see you, Gareth. David, come along and put down the puppy. Its not yours," the way the other man was clinging to it, anyone would of thought David had fallen in love with another pet. What a mad man" Who'd want a dog, yapping and barking and leaping around.

As Harry rushed along to the front door, happy to get out of that place, he shoved his hands into his pockets and continued along the pavement. David and Blue could catch him up. After all, Robbie wasn't there so why did they need to be there either?

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Strolling through the streets of London, David couldn't help but wonder what had become of the Doctor. He had nodes that the Time Lord had arrived moments after the Master Nd David took off for the Valiant or that he was currently being held prisoner by the formerly imprisoned men and women that the Master had locked into the ship before they flew it to London.

"So Jack and the Master can't die. Seems odd. Not something i'd want you know. It would get very lonely. They'll be the last two sods left won't they?"

David didn't mind the company. He still pitied Harry to a degree but the Doctor had programed him to stick with peple that looked like him. It explained Sam and all of the Masters he had known thus far.

"Do you think it's safe to go back?"

"Well, on average, the Master takes an hour to wake up and Jack... well, he takes mere minutes now. He's older than the Doctor. And the Masters only immortal because his bodies unstable. If he wasn't immoral, he would of died a very slow and painful death by now."

Harry could remember the Master, naked and distressed, yelling to himself and clawing at his own skull. Time Lords couldn't stay in human bodies or they'd burn up.

"I think Jack would rather kill himself endlessly than spend time with the Master, he doesn't seem to like him much."

Harry was just glad he didn't hold that grudge against him for what the Master did, he could hardly help that. "We can go home and I'll give you your stupid fish. Its sit on Jacks half of the bedroom."

Well, this was even more confusing! "You have a bit of an open relationship with the Doctor then?". Jack had been naked. Harry was in the shower... Oh David just couldn't help himself, jumping immediately to conclusions without taking q moment to seek out facts.

No wonder the Master had been so easily able to sway him!

"I suppose Jack is handsome and very heroic. He saved me from werewolves once! Oh is this something I should keep away from the Doctor? Do Time Lords care about that?"

Harry had no idea what David was getting at right away, he just frowned in confusion and followed at the other man with a stumped expression.

"Wait, are you implying me and Jack-- what? No! Don't be disgusting, I mean he makes a lot of jokes about it and he tried to once but he's not really my type. He's like... my best friend, sort of. Closest I'll get anyway."

He wasn't very good at the social side of things and that was pretty much his fault but he was just thankful he had Jack, the only none electronic friend he had. He didn't have anyones really, his very vague memories weren't real, his parents were faceless creations and all he had was the Doctor, Blue and Jack. Occasionally the Master, when he felt like it.

"He's just sharing a flat and we share a bed, its just easier than going out and buying him one. Besides, I usually sleep on the sofa anyway."

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"I don't care what it will make you," Jack said, fitzing around with the wiring once more. "We'll never be friends, I'll never dance with you, and thankfully the universe is a big place. I don't intend to share any of that time I have left with you. You can be alone forever for all I care."

Jack didn't look at the Master. He hated the man, but not venomously. He simply wasn't going to make him feel any more welcome.

"You'll stay here until the Doctor comes looking for David and he can figure out what to do with you."

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"Oh Captain Freakshow, you do wound me," the Master remarked before bursting into laughter. He happily slumped down and started to work on his bonds, trying to wriggle his hands free. It was not successful to say the least.

The next hour was spend in uncomfortable and bored silence. Not exactly a good way to spend an evening

When Harry did finally emerge from his room, he went straight into the kitchen, obviously not in a talking mood. Not that the Master much cared. Instead, he smirked and gave banged his feet to try and get some attention.

"Pocketwatch, make me a snack! And put on the TV, Jacks trying to slowly bored me to death!"

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"Yes, put on the TV that he shot and I'm trying to fix," Jack called smirking. He left the Master be, still complaining. No one, not even a time lord, could defeat duct tape the way that Jack had wrapped it around his arms from elbow to wrist and legs from ankle to knee. It was very secure and would require scissors or potentially a knife to break.

Leaning against the counter in the kitchen, Jack crossed his arms over his chest.

"How about we talk," he said, smiling charmingly.

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"Nothing to talk about that we haven't already discussed. The Doctors gone, we have to wait for David to sod off and were not at 3 months yet."

The time was moving so slow and he was absolutely fed up of waiting. Always waiting with the Doctor and now there was one here but it wasn't his. He didn't care about Davids right to life any more, the Doctor had the same right!

"I've had it up to here with that Scottish tosser. He keeps running off, crying all the damn time, whining about the Doctor like he's the devil and while he runs off, we got stuck feeding his stupid fish!"

"Fish? You think he'd cry if we flushed it down the toilet? Then I could gets some hugs again, bet he'd untie me," the Master remarked from the living room, obviously not willing to give them a moments piece.

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"I'm not going to touch your bloody fish!" God knows, he didn't even want to go near the horrible. All wriggly and swimmy, he hated it. Always had done, pets were not something Harold Saxon enjoyed.

"I came to apologise, you moron. So stop being such an idiot and give me chance."

He was truly awful at this. Pinching the bridge of his nose, he tried to think of a legitimate way to apologise to David that wouldn't just piss him off.

"I'm sorry I hit you. I'm not sorry as to why I did it, you had it coming. But I am sorry you got hurt because of it and I'm also sorry that I threatened your fish. We even yet?"

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"Are...are you crazy?" David asked, his heart catching in his throat as he gazed at Harry.

There had to be some ulterior motive here. Was he afraid David would skip out? Or try to hurt himself? Or write a scathingly awful letter to the Doctor about how rotten Harold Saxon was to creatures great and small?

"You're trespassing, I hope you realize. This is my flat. My fish. If you need access to the TARDIS, just ask. Do not climb through my damn window to pretend to apologize! We're not friends, said that yourself, you did! Get out of my flat!"

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Rolling his eyes, Harry didn't leave. He sat down on one of Davids chairs and stubbornly crossed his arms. He wasn't leaving until David accepted his apology and grinned like a moron.

"I am apologising, I said I was sorry. I never meant to hurt you and that has nothing to do with us being friends. I wouldn't like to hurt the Master either and God knows, he's far from a friend."

Harry did genuinely feel remorse, not that David would believe him. He and David couldn't get on, they never had. It was difficult for them to accept one another.

"And, for future reference, if you suggest that the man I love is essentially treating me like a sex slave and using me then you should expect to get hit. What did you expect? For me to say 'why yes David, you raise a valid point, the Doctor has tampered with my mind and in some twisted way raping me, jolly good!' If I told you the only reason you like Rose was because you'd been programmed too by her, wouldn't you be offended?"

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David's eyes darkened. "I can tell you truthfully that the only reason she cares about me is because she's in love with her Doctor," David said, not even bordering on the hurt he felt when he realized that. Still, his emotions were real, more or less. For all he knew, he was predisposed to Rose because some part of the Doctor had loved her too before she had been lost.

He shrugged a little and went back to making his tea.

"We are what we were made to be more or less. I accept it," he lied, though having spent a very long time today poking around the TARDIS looking for clues about himself and the Doctor, he could say with some certainty that he wished he hadn't woken up this time. "If I accept your apology, will you leave?"

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"The Master's back?" The Doctor let Harry pull away and stood up, trying out his legs again. The really did hurt for some reason. What was David doing, calisthenics? "Master! I thought you wanted to stay on New New Earth for a few centuries!"

He nearly fell over into the other Doctor and grinned at him.

"This is always so weird," he confessed, hand to his shoulder to steady himself. "And no one's going to hollow me out. Promised Rose Tyler to try and find him his own body. Bit harder than expected. I just can't have him taking over whenever he bloody well feels!"

Date: 2010-11-30 10:29 pm (UTC)
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Ooooh thank God. The Doctor hugged the other him so tight, he almost squeezed the life out of him. He wanted to get David a body! That was brilliant, so brilliant. "HA! Wonderful. All of us, working together, getting David a body. Its what we have to do, I made a promise to him."

The Master looked noticeably, no one was getting mad! No one was worried or dying... booooooring.

"Can someone untie me? I haven't done anything! Not really. How come Jack is duct taped? He shot me!"

Ignoring the Master, the Doctor pulled back from the other him with a slightly loony grin.

"Oooh you are as brilliant as always, me."

Date: 2010-11-30 10:35 pm (UTC)
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"Naturally, of course," the Doctor answered his other him, slipping his hand into Harry's rather tightly. He was unsure of how long he'd been gone for but it felt like and eternity. And judging by the way that his hand was being held, it probably had been for Harry.

Poor thing.

He tilted his head slightly to the side and focused on the other Doctor with a precision gaze, eyes narrowed. "Wait wait, back up...too many questions, not enough answers. Why're you here, why did you promise my pocketwatch and why is the Master on Earth again? I did promise him not to come looking."

Date: 2010-11-30 11:07 pm (UTC)
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"Ohhhh, right, well I fobwatched myself a while back, if my calculations are right, linear time I was here before you all and hid myself as Robbie then I opened the watch because Harry pointed it out to Robbie and I had to leave Earth but David came along and I left him on New New York and thus the master found him, manipulated him and came here and... thats about as much as I know. I think they made pancakes. I was off trying to find a handy way to clone you."

Slumping back, he pulled a face at the other him before crossing his legs under him. "That was a mouthful!"

Harry gripped the Doctors hand and offered him a small smile. "He tried to kill us, Jack killed him first and he'd been tied up for a while now."

"I thought I could get one over you and get back my body and do away with that annoying pocketwatch. And I would of too, if it weren't for you meddling kids," the Master muttered, obviously pretty fed up of all this. "But seriously, this tape is ruining my clothes!"

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The Doctor lifted his hand and gently pressed his palm against Harry's, fingers so much longer than his wrapping around his knuckles. "No more interuptions from him then," the Doctor said, hardly meaning to be cruel about him. He was just happy to have his consciousness be his own.

A small tug brought Harry just a bit closer and the Doctor closed his eyes in exhaustion. It would be a good day before he could move about properly again.

Luckily, Harry likely would not leave his side. He certainly was an ideal Companion for this particular incarnation of the Doctor.

"When I wake up," he murmured, "I'll say a proper hello."

"And I'll wait patiently for you," Harry assured as he cuddled closer, tugging the Doctor against him as they both drifted carefully off to sleep. The curse of a Time Lord was an hours sleep, then Harry was up and watching the Doctor sleep off his cloning, which took a while.

He even managed to nip out, steal some toast and return to bed to eat it. And have a good cup of tea.

All as quietly as possible.

When the Doctor finally awoke, they were back on Earth, in Harry's bed. Jack had helped to move him and get him set up in a dressing gown at least before having some tea with the other Doctor and the Master -- once again duct taped up until he could be returned to some out of the way place.

No one could actually blame Jack for that. He was not at all trusting of the blond, even with the Doctor sitting right there. At least the Master had use of his hands. It was lucky.

The first sign of the Doctor's waking was his arm snaking around Harry. The next was his breath becoming more regular as he nosed into his curls. A month had done wonders foe Harry's hair.

He mumbled quietly to himself before smiling against the other man's cheek. "Ooh, slept all day I did!"

Harry couldn't help but grin as the Doctor nuzzled into his curls, he used to keep his hair so neat but even his students had comments on how curly his hair was getting. One girl had even told him he looked 'cute'... which almost made him shave it all off.

He wasn't cute! He was the tyrant of the classroom-- that kept forgetting to turn up.

Pulling the Doctor impulsively into a kiss, he revelled in how satisfying it was. Oh how he'd missed the Doctor. His Doctor. Not David, just the man he wanted.

"Hello again."

If he could of, he would of stayed in bed all day. Instead, he threw back the covers. Because they had a clone to watch over, his apartment was full of aliens and he was starting to get restless. "Breakfast... or dinner?"

Date: 2010-12-01 10:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Doctor grinned up at Harry at the hello and sat up as well. "Bit short, it seems," the Doctor mumbled as he glanced down at the dressing gown. It had to be Harry's. He got himself dressed in what David had been wearing and headed out to the kitchen to say his hellos and then skip down to David's flat.

He was careful with the half Time Lord, lifting him gently to put him on the same bed he'd laid the Master on just about a year ago.

Gently brushing back David's hair, the Doctor felt nostalgic. He did rather miss his hand.

Harry decided to remain inside, sitting at the kitchen table and trying his best to ignore the Master like everyone seemed to be. Though the blond just seemed to be very bored.

And very tired.

Which explain why his head kept slooooowly falling forward, jerking upright and then repeating the same pattern. Sooner or later, he was just going to smash into the table. Which wouldn't be enjoyable.

"You know, I miss when there was only one of everyone. This is going to be so confusing."

Jack had to laugh. "I'm sure everyone will take advantage of the space soon enough," he mused. "I don't think David will want to travel with you anyhow. No offense to you of course!"

Popping a few berries into his mouth, Jack winked at Harry and ignored the Master. "If you ask me, he should get thrown into a black hole somewhere. But knowing you Doctors he'll be allowed to run free and wreak havok across the universe!"

He was only half kidding. Really, he wasn't sure what he'd do now!

"I wanna go back to New New York," the Master asserted, leaning back in his seat and shaking his head to wake himself up. Ant way of getting away was just perfect.

"I'm all for that. We can dump the Master somewhere and David somewhere and we're all done."

Grinning, Harry got to his feet and bounced along to the fridge, finally feeling excited at the prospect of finally going somewhere. The Doctor swallowed hard and slowly pulled out his fobwatch, glancing down at it.

"Well, for now, my job is done. I'll see you lot in a month or so, hopefully. But I've gotta go play human for a while."

Jack wisely did not ask if the Doctor would give Robbie a chance at life or not. It was not for him to question. He didn't exactly have a fabulous track record for that sort of morality anyhow.

Getting up from the table, Jack decided it would just be best to disappear himself. He did love to travel, but he loved Earth too. And if anything else, he knew that this place needed someone like him. Duplicates, alternate realities... He could be needed here.

Jack leaned down and kissed the top of Harry's head before he went to reactivate Blue.

"I'm going to chat with our Doctor," Jack said. He didn't do goodbyes well.

Date: 2010-12-01 10:06 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Hey Jack, thanks for keeping me company. You really are my best mate," Harry called after him with a bright smile, he had no idea that this was the end. He figured Jack would be back, he just wanted to make sure Jack knew it. turning his head back to the other Doctor, he watched him idly fiddle with the watch.

"I'll keep the Master away from Robbie."

"Well, thanks!" the Doctor grinned and got to his feet, ruffling both Harry and the Masters hair as he walked past and disappeared into Harrys bedroom, he just needed some privacy.

Sighing, Harry slumped down into his seat and gave the Master a glance. The Master glanced back and slowly raised an eyebrow at the pocket watch. "Cooking show?"

"Cooking show."

"Oh, you'll need to try your hands at cooking!" the Doctor said a few hours later when he slipped back into Harry's flat. "That looks delicious!"

Of course it was an advert for a fast food place and not part of the program, but the Doctor never did watch television all that much.

He sat between the two, arms crosses. "David'll be ready in a few days. We can drop you off while we wait for him to wake up."

"I want a credit stick. And you should clone pocketwatch here, I want to be a Time Lord again. I thought being immortal would be fun but being immortal AND human kills the fun. Eight hours sleep plus illnesses? Yeah, no thanks."

Only the Master could make demands with when his hands were bound and he was technically prisoner but he didn't seem to care much about all that. He made demands the way he liked.

"Ha! Thats insanity," Rolling his eyes, Harry gave the Doctor a small amused look before peering over at his bedroom door. Was the other Doctor ever going to come back out? It'd been hours now!

"Oh yes, while we're at it, I need you to energise my teleportant device, Doctor. Once thats all done, then I'll be on my way."

"You made your choice about which body you wanted," the Doctor said. "You'll need to ask Harry if he'll transfer consciousnesses with you. No pain involved in that, but irreversible once done.". He just wanted to let Harry know.

Being infinite had it's troubles. Sure, they could clone the Time Lord body again, but that could be a bit of a problem too when it came right down to it.

The Doctor didn't want to put Harry through it. Again.

"But I'll charge your device. Ought to have asked Jack before he left."

"It was originally my body, therefore my choice. Harry is a parasite, like David. You people seem to be forgetting that a fob watch personality isn't a person. Its just you lot getting overly soft and your fobwatches getting carried away. Harry isn't a person, neither is David. If the time lords could see us now, they'd weep."

The Master didn't even try to disguise his own disgust. It seem liberating fobwatches was the in thing but the Master found it repulsive, these things had no right to life. It was pathetic!

"If I had command over my own watch, I would get rid of Harry like that. Its not even killing, they're data, its erasing. You've forgotten yourself and who your meant to be on the side of, Doctor."

He missed the rebellious Doctor that lack this new found over compassion. It was infuriating! He wanted Theta Sigma back.

Date: 2010-12-01 10:07 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The Doctor would find liberating a fobwatch something that would actually be rebellious rather than not. Time Lords didn't care. They were the top of the food chain, the big dogs. They ruled everything. Theta Sigma had tried to break that.

Watching the Master, the Doctor's eyes darkened. "You stopped deserving a choice a few hundred years ago, the Doctor said hard and angry. "I've given you too many second chances based on an old friend you no longer are. The Time Lords are gone. I survived. You survived only because I allowed it."

Well, if that wasn't right out of Rassilon's didect, who knew what else could be?!

"Oh really now? You control my life and death now?"

He hated when the Doctor tried to act like he was in charge of everything. He wasn't the leader of the Time Lords, he was the murderer of them. Why should he listen to anything the Doctor had to say, it was somewhat his fault they were even in this mess. It was always the Doctors fault.

"Then kill me. Go on, do it!.... Nah, you wouldn't. You never could, you act like you could but you couldn't, you've grown soft and you cling to me like a pathetic child because I'm the last of the last. Harry, well, he isn't me, is he? Nope, he's an ineffective copy that is far more of a pet than anything, made to like you. Me? I'm the original copy and I didn't want you. Most people would of accepted that."

Smirking childishly, he found this sparing exercise to be rather amusing.

One day, the Master would learn to shut up. Especially when the Doctor was feeling less than himself, had to deal with Jack leaving, David being made a person, and extra responsibilities left here and there thanks to this.

He grabbed the squeaking Master by the back of his hoodie and hauled him out the door. Before Harry could so much as protest, the sounds of the Doctor's TARDIS revving up came through the walls.

He wasn't leaving. He was just depositing the Maater on New New Earth. Without a sonic. Without his teleportation device. He dis, however, give him a credit stick.

"Have a good life, Master," the Doctor said after he kicked the still tied up blond out of the door. "A good and very, very long life."

It was the Family of Blood all over again. The Doctor ran and hid to keep his true nature from leaking out. Unfortunately for the MAster, too many scabs had been picked for the Doctor to be kind to him.

He was back with Harry ten minutes later, fury and fire beneath his skin.

With the Master gone, Jack gone and the other Doctor mysterious pulling a Houdini in his room, Harry was left alone with the Doctor once more... and he didn't look happy. Harry wanted to protest or to say something but he looked like he could kill right now. And Harry didn't want to annoy him.

Even he could recognise the signs.

Crossing his arms, he cleared his throat awkward and sat still, waiting for the Doctor to say or do something till eventually he gave in and took the lead.

"The other you left as well."

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