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"I Think We're Alone Now!"
: Doctor & Harry
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: David has been permanently separated from the Doctor

They always ended up landing in a back room somewhere and this time was no different.  A storage shed, for lack of better terms, for very long, snake-like tubes happened to cushion their arrival this time and the Doctor, after checking to be sure David would not be waking up any time soon, burst out of the door and right over the hoses.

It was not his most grand of entrances.  Arse in the air and arms flailing, he glanced up as Harry as the other man slipped passed him.

"Last time I was here," the Doctor said, righting himself, "the fashion was blue and gold jumpsuits.  Lucky you, it's more beachwear this time!"

Date: 2010-12-01 10:31 pm (UTC)
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Harry struggled not to laugh and shoved his hands into his pocket, hopping along after the Doctor and trying his best not to make any smug remarks.

"I don't have to wear beach wear, do I? Cause thats all well and good but dressing up has never much been my thing," Nope, he was just there in jeans and a football shirt, hoping to blend in like the Doctor did.

As they made their way through the storage shed, Harry was careful not to stumble into anything as he stepped out, expecting water flowing and bursts of colour.

Instead, they had a drab and boring looking hallway. "Where on Earth did you park?"

Date: 2010-12-01 10:50 pm (UTC)
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"Weeeell." That was never a good sound. "Looks like one of the crystal tower plants. Ooh, algae storage rooms! Yes, indeed. Air filtration. You see, what we breathe out, the algae breathe in and vice versa so! New Atlantis keeps a few million colonies of algae on hand to recycle air. Nice, efficient and as is so popular in your time, green! Though the algae is mostly orange. Strange concept!"

And off he went, down the hallway to an elevator. He used his sonic to gain them both access and stepped into the conch shell shaped lift with one side transparent and open to the sea around them.

Harry could see towers and tubes and bubbles and domes stretched across the ocean floor, each one lit with bright green and white corals that clung to the side.

Date: 2010-12-01 10:59 pm (UTC)
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"Its wonderful, Doctor," Harry remarked with a small look of awe, trying to get closer to the viewing window so he could see more. It was hard to make out detail when so high up.

"God, you have no idea how much I missed this!"

Teaching kids, being mundane, watching TV, it was all boring to him now. It was both the wonder and curse of the Doctor, he was hard to forget. It was hard to readjust and simply forget him.

It was nice to have the Doctor back in full swing, he used to hate those pointless rants but now they were sort of fun... course that would only last a day max, if the Doctor was lucky. Then Harry would be right back to complaining and stamping on his foot.

Date: 2010-12-02 12:15 am (UTC)
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"Lifts? I didn't know you were so fond of them. There's a crystal palace that is made completely of lifts! Up and down and sideways as well. Pretty remarkable!"

The Doctor kept on rambling on until the doors opened and he gently tugged Harry out into a gleaming white hallway that looked very, very much like what Atlantis ought to.

Spiral cuts in walls, pearlized inlays, bubbles for was fantastical!

Date: 2010-12-02 12:36 am (UTC)
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"I meant the bloody scenery, you idiot!"

As they slowly made their way dowwards, they got closer and close to the ground floor, the noise from out could be heard from where they were. He couldn't help but wonder what they looked like, he didn't want to be confronted with walking fish or turtles or something.

"They're not scaley?"

And by that, he meant non-fish like. He just had to check, you never knew with water planets.

Date: 2010-12-02 01:14 am (UTC)
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"Bit of a resort really. Humans love their resorts." He wasn't going to take Harry to the real Atlantis. With his luck, he's show up just in time for the Master to destroy it. No. Thank. You. Taht was traumatic enough the first time for the Doctor!

This was nice and mostly safe!

Far underwater, despite the pressure, the windows looked like soap bubbles, thin and filmy, hardly capable of keeping the oceans out. The Doctor pulled Harry towards one to point out the landscape around them.

Companions were brilliant. They were the lens through which the Doctor, every Doctor, saw the world. Without them, there was no crystal clear moment of excitement when wonder of mystery and wonder of knowing collided dead on and made a rainbow. That precise moment was exactly what the Doctor was looking for as he traveled.

Harry was so very full of wonder indeed.

Date: 2010-12-02 01:39 pm (UTC)
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"I was never that fond of resorts and stuff but in places like this, I don't mind. I mean, we're under water. Like, right under the water!"

Grinning, he happily watched the water bubble around, utterly in awe of the very fact he was 8nder water.

He knew he'd been under water before but it never got old!

"So what is there here? Are people fish people or something or are they all just like us? I can never tell with aliens."

Thats right, Harry was back to his questions.

Date: 2010-12-02 10:00 pm (UTC)
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"Well I'm sure some people are fishy," the Doctor clariffied. "Most are human or nearly human or humanoid!" It was rather easy to see the sorts that came here once they were out on the main thorofare.

Domed roof, pocketed with bubble film windows across the entirety of the tunnel, showed giant fish in all sorts of colorful arrangements swimming above. Men and women of every variety walked around them, stopped at directories, muffled through connector halls and seemed to be just having a very good time.

"Oh there. A blowfish. Sort of. The Captain calls them that."

Staring at the first with a mixture of appreciation and fear, he wasn't sure if he should be freaked out or impressed by it all. "I never did much like fish, you know? They're a bit creepy.. its all in the eyes. They're dark and emotionless."

Alright, so he had issues with animals but so did the Master, both had an odd mix of respect, endearment and a healthy fear of animals. Koschei had always avoided his fathers pets when he was a boy.

As they reached the end of the elevator, Harry turn his head and raised an eyebrow at the Doctor.

"Is it safe to go outside or will we drown? Or get crushed by the pressure?"

"Oh, underwater this deep? Unprotected? You'll be smashed to little bits of pink and--". The Doctor trailed off as he noticed Harry gazing at him with both eyebrows raised.

He took Harry's hand instead and pulled him along to the main directory which hung like a thousand beach ball sized pearls from the ceiling in a circular room. Each pearl showed advertisements for restaurants, for the WAV transport or for various shops and shows that New Atlantis had to offer.

"We've got the aqua show? Ooh, bubble racing is interesting. Hungry?"

"I am but I won't have to eat fish food, will I?"

Holding the Doctors hand tight, he fell into step with the Doctor and looked around the advertisement with a look of amusement. It was all shiny and impressive, he loved it!

"You know, when you were David, apparently the other you went off on trips, can you remember anything? Like where you went, might give us some ideas?" That and he was partly curious, he was sure the Master mentioned David went to a place with big fish... so Atlantis or somewhere else?

As they came to a stop outside some sort of weird restaurant thing, Harry had no idea what was meant to be food and which one was meant to be the population. "Huh."

Date: 2010-12-02 10:01 pm (UTC)
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Well that was news to the Doctor. So the other Doctor, his future self, had taken David on a trip? Well, good for David. Strange for him, perhaps, but he traveled with a representation of the Master as Koschei. Maybe the Master was right. He was getting... Weird.

The Doctor shook his head. "There is fish here but the salads are better. Lovely chocolate flavoured dressings as well. Quite a fine selection of cheese if you'd prefer and ooh! Banana milkshakes! I've no idea where they went but we've got hundreds of years, don't we? Plenty of time to see more!"

Harry squeezed the Doctors hand before offering him a smile, he didn't care what the other Doctor had done, he wanted this one. He was glad David had his freedom but he just wanted things back as they were before all this mess happened.

"Banana milkshake?" He knew it was the Doctors favourite and while he preferred chocolate, he decided to give the Doctor a treat for his effort and get him one. "We can have two of those, yeah? And whatever you think will taste the nicest and not be utterly weird. And for frame of reference, normal is something that tastes like it should and doesn't move."

Not unlike the weird pizza cereal the Doctor had. Which he'd found himself missing last week.

A waitress that looked like she had at least four extra arms -- though the Doctor later assured Harry that all nut two were strictly decorative and worn as one might wear jewelry -- showed them to their booth the moment that they stepped inside, directing them to what she called the Kelp Room.

Once orders were placed and a small round disc was set in the center of their table, a flimsy looking bubble surrounded the whole table and they were gently whisked right through the dome to attach onto it from outside. Around them, giant kelp grew from the ocean bed, waving merrily around them. Not wonder the room was named as it was!

Their milkshakes arrived on the disc a moment later. "Perfect service every time!"

Harry couldn't of been closer to the disc, trying his best to get a good look at how it worked. He didn't get it but he was in utter awe of how it must of worked. Staring at it, he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing it'd been made in such a way.

Slowly taking the milkshake, he held it closer and tried his best not to be put off. He merely stirred it with his straw.

"That was amazing... its safe right? If it is then can we have on? I mean, I don't like kelp so much but it'd be pretty cool. Its like a snow globe, kind of."

It was certainly impressive!

"One of what? The bubble booth or the teleporter disc?". When Harry indicated both, the Doctor couldn't help but laugh. "The TARIS acts a bit like this. It's just a force field, the bubble, pushing outwards for pressurey thingies.".

Whenever the Doctor had trouble trying to formulate words in a way that people would understand, he invariably made somewhat crazy hand and facial gestures before sinking into common words.

"The disc... Well that's just simple teleportation technology isn't it? That's only rated for food teleportation."

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Harry stared at it for a good long time before sighing and slumping back. "I just like the bubbles, we should get a bubble machine. Or those little bottles with bubbles."

Really, that was all he was interested in.

Taking a gulp of his milkshake, he gave the Doctor a small smile. He wasn't easily amused as a man but Harry still enjoyed simple little things like whizzing bubbles.

"Alright so we have a snack and then where can we go? How bout that aquatic fair thing that was advertised outside? Looks interesting."

The Doctor took his time answering. The moment his lips curled around the thick, pencil like straw, he was far too busy sucking up any of that liquid inside the spiral shaped cup. After that morning's anger, seeing the Doctor enjoy something so immensely probably did Harry some good.

With half of the dessert gone, the Doctor patted his stomach and leaned back with a pleasant sigh. "The Rodeo? Oh! You'll love it!"

Not as much as the Doctor enjoyed the banana shake however!

Actual pizza, the kind made famous in New York and Chicago, arrived on the teleporter disc soon after. "We'll need to grab the WAV!"

Who knew that the easiest way to appease the Doctor was to give him banana. Perhaps the best way to counter future pear-attacks was to quickly give the Doctor a banana milkshake.

Harry was never overly fond of banana's but he liked to try and humour the Doctor best he could.

And he assumed visa versa, he was just human. Sort of, a human mind in a Time Lord body.

"Its a rodeo? Oh Lord, we won't have to ride anything that bucks, will we?" In all fairness, he didn't want to break his back being flung off something, it hardly seemed like a good time to him. Finishing up his milkshake, he sunk back in his chair and raised an eyebrow a the rest of the food. More? Blimey, he was already full.

A slice of pizza perilously close to his teeth, the Doctor blinked. "You know we won't be in the Rodeo?" he asked, grinning like an idiot as he took an overly large chunk out of the pizza and continued to talk around it. "Unless you want to ride the mega seahorses?"

Oh how clever that would be! The Doctor's mind was working on how he could manage to get himself on the roster.

Oh, the excitement! The crowds! The rodeo merclowns!

Standing behind the barracades, Harry watched the merclowns leap around and the sea horse flail about... it was madness! Harry had no idea where to start! Leaving the Doctor rambling to himself, Harry retreated from the Doctors side so he could get a better look.

Companions never could stay still.

Clambering up one of the fences, he merely leaned over the edge, the Doctor still in sight as he watched the rodeo, trying his best not to think about the weird green thing standing next to him.

Date: 2010-12-02 10:02 pm (UTC)
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All Harry did was take his eyes from the Doctor once. Just once. The Time Lord wasn't trying to be sneaky, he wasn't attempting to get into the ring before he could be stopped!

Adding his name last minute, the Doctor climbed into one of the pens and mounted what seemed to be a very mild seahorse with a bright red mane and a brilliant golden body.

Over the loudspeaker came the sound of the announcer over those sitting in the arena. "up next! The brave! The wily! The...err...brilliant Doctor!". Evidently, the Doctor wrote his own intros!

Oh God! Pinching the bridge of his nose, he slowly shook his head in disbelief. What was that idiot doing? And who the bloody hell wrote his intro.

"That fleshy thing is going to get flung off," the green thing mumbled to the weird fish like man and Harrys eyes widened, watching the Doctor in utter horror. What happened to not getting flung around?

"Doctor! Be careful!" he yelled over the noise of the crows cheers.

This was so not going to end well. Then again, it was the Doctor, he had a way with these things.

This was perfect! On the giant projectors, an image of the Doctor waved. Unlike the other participants of the rodeo, he was scrawny and had quite a lot of hair. Waving the the crowd, he almost forgot the hold into the reins as two merclowns pulled open the gates.

His seahorse dashed out a moment later, not exactly bucking. The entire central pillar of the arena was filled with water, and though the Doctor had a protective bubble that clung to his body to allow him to remain dry and oxygenated, the seahorse could travel in a three hundred and sixty degree space.

And it took advantage. Swimming to the top of the arena, the horse was like lightening. The screen showed a close up of the Doctor's face. It was hard to tell if he was laughing or screaming.

He had no idea if the Doctor was in pain or happy or sad or what! He was about to clamber over the fence when the green thing yanked him back down before he did something stupid.

"Your fleshy friend will be fine. Hopefully."

The hopefully was not reassuring. Watching the Doctor with wide eyes, he had to resist the urge to run after him and pull him to safety. Though he'd probably be run over!

"Oh God, I'm going to be stuck here forever," Harry mumbled, slumping forward and sighing... before giving the green man an awkward smile. "Er... no offense."


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