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: Doctor & David
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: Robbie!Doctor has been taking David around the universe, keeping him away from Harry shaped objects.  It only sometimes works.

"I don't mean to alarm you," David said, pushing up his glasses as he followed the Doctor down yet another lonely and desolate corridor, "but I've just ran out of jammie dodgers.  Including the last one I was saving for you in my pocket that you said you'd eat ten minutes ago and evidently forgot about...?"

David had taken to carrying around snacks with him when he left the TARDIS these days because the Doctor kept taking him to places devoid of human -- or alien -- life.  He understood why.  Harry-shaped objects followed them.  But the last one he met was rather nice, kind to him, and obviously a better fobwateched Master in this crazy broken universe than morst of them.  Therefore, he needed something to occupy him.

Thus.  Snacks.

"Ooh!  Lied!  There's a bit of one you mind lint?"

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"I don't know, do you?" They were the same man in some ways, they had similar tastes, even if they were decided on the subject of bananas. He preferred oranges. Oranges were cool. They were round and handy and the skin was more fun to pick off. Bananas went black faster as well, which was always disappointing.

Taking the half of a Jammie dodger, he blew off the lint and shoved it into his mouth while trying to mumble around it. "Are we getting tea yet?"

He didn't mean to run them into some many empty places, it seemed that the TARDIS was getting tired of the wrong sort of Master. It was obviously looking to be correct to the universe it belong. In other words - their universe Master. Harry. But that would never happen.

"Just keep going. This is the right way... I think."

Date: 2011-06-17 08:39 pm (UTC)
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"Tea? An' the righ' way t'what exactly?" They were still walking and David was still confused. "Doct--hey!" He had to run to catch up. Their legs were nearly the same length but the Time Lord never got tired!

More nondescript walls. More endless corridors... David latched onto the Doctor's elbow just to get him to slow down.

"Doctor. Really. Bit o' explainin' would go a long way!"

Date: 2011-06-17 08:53 pm (UTC)
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"Explaining of what? What am I explaining? You are very confusing David. Just shh," explaining an adventure? What? How did he do that? He never had to before. He didn't know where they were or what was going to happen, that was the fun. It wasn't something that could be explained or advised over, it was all for a bit of fun. No crime in that-- not really.

"You... humans! It's always explaining and answers and questions. Enjoy it, it's a day out. British people love days out. Why else would they go to the beach in icy cold temperatures just for the sake of it?"

He never quite got the logic of humans but the brits could be very confusing. Not the worst but the Doctor ever worked out why they did a lot of what they did.

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"Wandering about weirdly creepy hallways with only your sonic for light isn't exactly a day out. It's actually just an extension of a day in-- Oh, don't moan at me like that, you're quite the wee child on occ--"

No, that wasn't the Doctor. That sound came from behind him. David paused and turned to peer into the dark as if that could ever help anything. His eyes weren't adjusted.

As the Doctor moved off, out of his grasp, the moaning just grew louder.

"Doctor! I think there's someone hurt back there..."

Date: 2011-06-17 09:25 pm (UTC)
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The 'oh no someone is hurt so run' alarm went off in his head and off the Doctor went to save the day and help the stranger in need! It was an unfortunate part of his 'heroic' brain. He had to help if someone was in trouble and he had the time and ability to help. Which he did.

Falling to a stop, he noticed a man hunched over with blood pouring off him. How-- odd. That was a lot of blood. It wasn't till he got closer that he realised, with horror, that the mans arm was missing and there was quite a hole in his gut.

Ohh. Oh he had no way to help this poor man. He just stood and watched in horror.

"I'm sorry."

Date: 2011-06-17 09:38 pm (UTC)
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"You're sorry!" David was a bit late to the party. "Help him!" he cried out, obviously distressed. He wished, sometimes, he was a medical doctor but even he knew that they ought to put a tourniquet on the poor man!

David pulled off his belt and headed toward the other man with purpose, only to have him grasp out with his other hand.

"I'm here, I'll help you! I promise!"

Date: 2011-06-17 09:50 pm (UTC)
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The moment he saw a flash of teeth, the Doctor grabbed the back of Davids jacket and yanked him back. David fell to the floor but at least he avoided the mauled man trying to bite him. He could be infected. Grabbing a nearby... well, it was what looked like a bucket that came with mops, he held it up defensively.

And split weird funny looking liquid down himself.

"All right hungry, scary thing. Stay back and we will leave. Deal?"

Date: 2011-06-17 10:31 pm (UTC)
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David groaned as he picked himself up. Really. Really? "I'm tired of nearly being eaten on a somewhat constant basis," he complained, eyeing the bleeding, crazy man before he realized, or at least guessed, what it could be.

He babbled to himself.

"Well why not, there are vampires and werewolves, why not combies?" Taking hold of the Doctor's arm, David tried to coax him away. "Doctor--"

But noooo, he just had to be soooo interested in the other man.

"Doctor, I think he's dead..."

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"Well obviously, he does have a lung hanging ou-- oh, no, it just fell out." Ahh lovely. The Doctor pulled a face of horror as he moved further ahead to get a good look. When it came snarling towards him, he lobbed the bucket into it's face and took off running, David in tow.

"Run, run, run! It will eat us!"

Well, obviously. But he liked to look like had had the control here. Even if David was the first to suggest that they run like hell and not look back.

"Keep up David!"

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"Well I don't, I don't know everything. Look, you're not going to die, are you? No-- hopefully. So deep breaths and come along," Running was better than walking, what would walking achieve? What would movie knowledge achieve? Running was all they had and David would just have to keep up.

Well, he held his hand at least. It was going to be fine, he didn't get the panic.

"Come along, David. If a zombie comes at us, I'll jump in and intervene, how's that?" In other words, if something went to maul them, he'd take the mauling.

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"I don't want you to turn into a Zombie Time Lord!" David said, not exactly hyperventilating...yet. He reserved the right to in a little while. When they were surrounded. And about to become lunch. Which, given his luck, would totally happen.

The sounds of gyrating limbs and moans filled the corridors so there was no way to tell which direction they were coming from. That was...painful.

Worse than. David was so very afraid of being afraid!

He held the Doctor's arm more closely, as if letting go might get him eaten on the spot.

"There has to be some people here...that one we saw...fresh blood. Just turned!"

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"We'll be fine," the Doctor promised as he took David off down the nearest hallway. Running. Running. Still running. Always fun to run. Well, he didn't have a plan, when did he ever? Everyone expected him to know everything and yes, 95% of the time he did. This was the 5% and he had no idea what he was doing. And when it came to that, he ran.

The hallway was clear so he was lucky in that respect, all he had to do was pull off a full loop, go right around and reach the TARDIS.

That was literally their only plan.

Unless David had any bright ideas they could use.

"We just need to go round, won't be hard. Just trust me!"

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"But what if those other people need our help..."

Ah yes, still a Doctor even if he was not a Time Lord and had human like emotional qualities. The Doctor knew humans very well but he was still a bit of an egoist. He couldn't even make a fobwatch that wasn't part of himself. He liked to be known. Everywhere.

Even in the minds of throw away personalities.

"Those wounds were fresh so--" He turned those huge brown eyes up at the Doctor. They had rescuing to do!

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"But we don't know anything. We don't know who's infected, how they're infected, if it can spread and if anyone is alive. Look, David. Top priority is getting us safe. We need to be in the TARDIS! There I can scan for disease and see if it's possible. I can't take a load of sick people out to infect everyone."

It was logic. Sometimes helping was the best thing he could do. Sometimes all he wanted was to help.

And sometimes it was impossible. It was a utilitarian stance. The greatest good for the greatest number. At best, he could isolate the problem to try and stop all of this but at this point, he couldn't do on a rescue mission.

It was a bad idea. "I'm sorry but we have to leave. Now."

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David just nodded, perhaps a little bit cowed. Right, of course. Infecting every one with a zombie plague would be bad. And maybe they were infected to... David still had a LOT of self preservation built into him and when he thought that he might be sick too, he wanted to get back to the TARDIS more than even the Doctor!

David rounded a corner first, starting to get winded and then paused. In the dark, he could see shuffling forms and all at once, they all started to moan.

"Dear Lord--" There were at least thirty.

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Looking around, the Doctor cursed and pulled out his sonic, pointing downwards and sonicking the floor so the board loosened up. Yanking David down, both of them tumbled through the newly opened floor and and into what looked like the foundation under said hole. Well, perhaps zombies couldn't crawl fast either.

Shuffling along, he tried to shove David ahead of him.

"Crawl as fast as you can! When you hit the dead end, let me know and I'll open it up for you!"

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David did his best, he really did, but he could onyl crawl so fast. His hand to knee coordination was a bit off. The zombies, thinking nothing of it to just tumble through the opening, did just that. At least they were slow.

But that didn't help the panicking in the slightest. David started muttering to himself as they moved along until he suddenly disappeared.

If it wasn't for the scream followed by the 'oof' he might had disappeared forever. As it turned out, he merely found a service shaft leading to the floor below.

The hard way.

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The Doctor grabbed the arm and pulled a face, giving David a look of dismay. Ew. Still, he reached up and rested his head against David, smiling like a loon. Oh David, he loved him so much. In a platonic manner, naturally.

It was like having a little brother to play with.

Even if David looked much older than him and was often the responsible one while the Doctor just sort of mucked about without a care in the world.

"We'll go scan this arm then!"

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Oh, David was quite happy with the slight closeness they shared. They were in some ways the same but in many, many more ways, absolutely the opposite. For now, they could work together on this.

Or rather, David could oooh and aaah while the Doctor used machinery he'd never ever heard of to do his analysis.

"Well? Can we stop them? Are we going to turn into one of them? OH GOD DOCTOR! Tell me we're all right!"

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"It's spread via spit, it seems so I'm all right and it's not airborne so you're fine. The most important thing is that we don't let them bite us," Leaving the arm behind, he leaned against the back of the console and sighed. How to tell David the blunt and awful truth?

"It can't be reversed. And there are only two life forms and one ... it disappeared off the radar while I was testing the arm. I'm sure the other one doesn't stand a chance."

Basically, they couldn't help.

"But consistent time lines show that they manage to quarantine them so it doesn't spread and they prevent further cases," but for that one unlucky person-- well, he didn't even know if they were infected or not. He couldn't help.

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But David's eyes couldn't let that one dot go. It stopped after a moment and stayed put. Just stayed there and David closed his eyes, assuming the person was getting eaten. But no. The light still shone.

"Oh! It's got a safe place to go!" He did a little mini cheer for the light and then grinned up at the Doctor. "So, where's the sonic screwdriver?"

The Doctor ought to have seen that coming.

It was with that dot.

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Ooh he was never going to be able to leave that person behind. they both knew it. Tracking down that point, he entered the co-ordinates and off they went. Like he could ever leave someone alone to be killed. He just had to check for infection first.

But then... how many zombies could steal a sonic.

What a clever person. Opening the TARDIS door, he stuck his head out and sighed. There was no sign of anyone. That was odd, they were right where the dot was, right? Well, right by it at least.

"Hello! Would you like a lift?"

Date: 2011-06-18 10:35 pm (UTC)
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"Oh thank God!" The voice was familiar, familiar enough for David to step passed the Doctor and suddenly wrap his arms around the blond that peeked his head out from behind the pipes. "I...oh. Err, right, hello, happy to see you too!"

David let go, grinning. "Come on then, zombies and all. Rawr, eat your face and everything! And you've the sonic in your pocket, lovely, that is! In you come!"

Sorry Doctor, David was the ambassador today!

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Oh for the love of bloody Rassilon! Yes, he was swearing! But he was allow to! This was just-- why did this keep happening to him?! Where did all these Master shaped things come from? It was an epidemic and he tried to hard to escape them. Oh why bother?

"Hello Harry-shaped thing."

"Excuse me?" the blond looked a little dumbstruck as he followed them in, totally out of his depths. He was terrified, exhausted and hurt and these friendly people were being so nice that it was kind of scary.

"I'm sorry do you have a name? Is it an anagram of the Master?" Well, it was worth asking now to get it out of the way with.

"No... it's Clyde."

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"Clyde! I love Clyde. I always wanted to be called Clyde, but I'm called David and this is my very best friend, the Doctor. Come in, no zombies in here! Oh, well, a zombie arm but that's hardly cause for much alarm! In you come! Do you want tea? Do you want to see my room?"

Emile might have helped out a lot in healing David from what his Doctor did to him with Harry but David was still too overly friendly with the Harry shaped objects they encountered and because they were always brief...

Well, in short, he was getting worse.

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