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"Black Holes & Revelations"
: Doctor & David
Where: Fob!watch verse
When: David's made a list of weird things to do until the doctor can sort him.

So far they'd seen quasars and accretion disks, rocky moons and solar storms.  They mapped out binary stars and watched galaxies being born or die thanks to the TARDIS's ability to punch in and out of time.  Every phenomena that David could hope to study was studied...

Minus one.

The best for last, right?

Black holes were nothing to mess with.  They ate space, they nibbled on time and they made light salads out of reality.  Best to steer clear mostly, though stopping at a safe distance couldn't hurt.  "Ah, blimey, magnificent!"

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It had been a hell of a week, they'd done pretty much everything a star gaze could dream of and with so much more that could be done. It was fun, actually. He didn't think it would be but it was totally worth it. He and David went about, had fun and every now and again when David was studying, sleeping or snacking, the Doctor went off.

Just to look around, find a Harry-shaped thing that was compatible,

But no, he was drawing a blank. There was several actual Masters, one that tried to eat him, one that tried to kill him and one that quoted Russian literature to him. Then the fob watches-- well, yikes. There was a long field of lunatics wondering around, being both brilliant and terrifying.

Yet none were called Harry, oddly enough. And that's exactly what he needed. Harry 0.2.

Leaning against the doorframe of the TARDIS with the protective field up, they both watched the blackhole suck in stars and space, moving along the universe.It was oddly beautiful. "Lovely, yes?"

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"But see, look at the jets. It doesn't just eat light and energy, it spits some of it back out too, so far out that it can't be sucked in again. Lucky particles, those. Oh, and the spaghetification! Those objects there use to be round planetoids and--" David was in his glory. The Doctor knew everything he was saying, and more, but he always seemed to let David have his fun and be the professor that his own Doctor had him be

He could watch the black hole forever, he decided, sitting down with his legs hanging over the edge of the doorway.

It was mag--

The whole TARDIS shuddered suddenly, nearly causing David to tumble out. "What was that?"

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Pulling David back and away from the edge, he stumbled across and checked the TARDIS. Nothing was there. He couldn't see any fault at all. So it must of been interference from the blackhole. It seemed wisest to simply leave. After all, it was the best plan he had to go with.

Setting new co-ordinates, he took off and ran back across, slamming the door shut.

"We need to leave. Just safety things. We'll find another black hole tomorrow!"

... Hopefully.

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David nodded a little, not that disappointed. Sure they could come back. It had been a long day already and while he was sure that the Doctor never needed to sleep (when he was a Time Lord he barely slept either) but he absolutely needed to!

Yawning, he actually fell into the Doctor again when there was another surge of the TARDIS.

"Bloody dampeners. They're offline again?"

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"No, everything is completely fine. It makes no sense why it would be playing up," he could see nothing. The TARDIS wasn't flashing, it wasn't whirring or panicking. It was just-- well, it was fine. Very calm. How odd, it usually panicked when it was hit but the Doctor could see no reason for this.

He was completely stumped.

"Everything is perfect-- this makes no sense."

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The Doctor didn't like guns but this one amused him a little bit, mainly because neither of them looked like they could use it. Jack could pull it off but they couldn't. Which led to a more important and serious question.

"David... why do you have that gun."

They needed a source of energy, not a weapon! What would the weapon achieve? The needed a pure organic energy source. Sighing, he dashed off to find something in one of his many many cupboards.

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"Well, this thing runs on carbon based plasma stre--- DOCTOR!" Really, the man was a genius and a idiot all at the same time! Where was his head? Of course David would bring him something that they could use as an energy source!

The physics professor sat down on the floor and started to pull the weapon apart, little by little, until he found the containment core. It shined brightly, almost twinkling.

It was a mini star in there. Something beautiful and powerful.

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"I have a lava lamp and a half used battery so we can-- oh," Well, now he looked a prat, standing there with a lamp and an AA battery while David had a bright and powerful core, practically bubbling over with energy. Sighing, he dropped all of his thing sand ran along, snagging the core.

"Perfect, perfect!" And off he ran, carrying his core along and out the TARDIS, slamming the door shut. He had a baby to save, he'd thank David later.

The little wriggly insect soon hopped to the warm and bright core, hugging it tight and draining it slowly. Good enough! A perfect distraction. And thus he retreated once more.

He owed David a cup of tea!

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Well he certainly owed David something because that just wasn't fair. He came up with a way to save the day and he was stuck inside chatting away to the TARDIS. She never once answered back or seemed to much care for conversation.

That was all right. David was all right with that. At least he got to talk, pouring out his poor little heart as he crossed his arms over the console.

"You must know just how it feels. See the universe but be stuck waiting on all of the adventures."

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The Doctor returned, more than happy that his little friend was now content elsewhere and he could spend the rest of evening now with David. Grinning, he turned his head to David and threw his arms out, obviously very happy over it all. Another job well done!

"We did it! Brilliant David, just brilliant."

Leaning on the edge of the console, he slumped over and gave David a bright amused look. "Go on, your gift. You can pick anything and anywhere and we will go and do it together. Promise."

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Oh, this was notvfair. The universe jusr wanted David to... oh, wait-- was Harry a cat? This was insanity, how could there be a Harry shaped cat thing in Galileos work shop? There was no logic, just a headaches!

The cat looked at them, ears twitching curiously. Someone was in his Masters work shop. This was bad.

Attack time!

The Harry-cat pounced and tackled David to the floor, trying to scare him. He even growled.

It was probably bad that David started to laugh. The house lights went up and two dozen little faces, all with cat ears attached, rushed towards the stage to cheer their teacher on. Galileo, the man of the hour, fizzled and faded out. A hologram.

They were in a museum. This had been a set. The Harry shaped cat object was evidently the lecturer and--

Well David was still laughing even as security was called, fingers moving over those twitching ears. He just HAD to!


Oh that was just dirty fighting! and technically sexual harrassment. His fighting soon became a docile stance as he rolled over and closed his eyes in pleasure at the rubbing. The Doctor just stared in disbelief. What was going on here?

"Erm-- David. Security is coming."

And it probably wasn't wise to tame the wild Harry cat. His children were laughing and bouncing about while Harry growled and snapped out of it, digging his teeth into the soft flesh of Davids arm and clamping down.

And yes, he drew a lot of blood.

"H-He bit-- He's biting me!" David cried as he immediately let go of the Harry shaped cat's ear and tried to pull himself away. "Help!" David had been grazed on before by sheep -- at least fictionally thanks to the memories implanted in his brain -- but he had never, never been subjected to actually being chewed upon!

There wasn't much for David to do except bring the now attached blond with him back to the TARDIS, howling the whole way as children cheered and giggled and security burst down the doors.

Hopefully the cat-man would find the bigger-on-the-inside TARDIS worthy of letting go!

Teeth clamped firmly around Davids arm. He folowed in grime determination. His goal? To get his rightfully earned revenge. David didn't taste nice but no one humiliated him.

"No, no, no! Get off David! Bad kitty!"

When Harry did let go, he smirked and-- oh. Oh no! They'd kidnapped him! This wasn't his class. This wasn't a phone booth either.

And like that, Harrys ears fell in such a pathetical sad and scared manner. "Where am I?!"

David kept his hand clamped over his arm to keep the blood from becoming unmanageable. He really was going to need this tended to, it hurt pretty badly. Next time he'd wear long sleeves...not that it would have stopped little things like, oh, fangs, from cutting through to his skin.

"It's called a TARDIS. It's amazing. It's...Doctor, I'm bleeding pretty badly..."

He'd get to the kidnapping later. He just needed this arm looked at.

"Well you did just get mauled by a cat!" The Doctor reasoned as he hurried across to get a good luck. Nothing serious but still very nasty. "We need first aid... and a leash. Bad Harry! Sit!"

"You know my name?"

Harry looked rather panicked now. With good reason. The Doctor sighed and applied pressure to Davids wound.

"I'll go fetch the bandages, you wait with the catman!"

And off he ran in all his awkward flaily glory.

David smiled a bit shyly at Harry now that they were alone. "I like your ears," he said as if that was perfectly normal. "Why do you have them?"

Harry just looked very afraid and David found himself frowning.

"We're not going to kidnap you! We'll put you back! We were on our way to see the real Galileo but we got caught...sorry, panicked a bit when you chewed on me. As soon as the guards so away, you can go!"

He paused.

"Can... Can I touch them again?"

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What an odd man. Was he simple? Oh that made sense. Why else would he be like this? Ducking his head, Harry glared and fought all instinct to run. Touching ears was private!

But... wellll, he dif feel bad now.

"Fine, you may. But no rubbing, thats sexual harrassment, you pervert."

One odd stroke and that was that. They were even.

"And you better let me go!"

David blinked a little and decided to go with the no-touch, just look really closely technique. He blew on one and it twitched like a normal cat's would have. That tickled him!

"I just think that they're lovely. I never had a cat. Just fish and turtles. We were going to take Leonardo to meet Galileo...oh, thank you, Doctor."

He held out his arm to the Time Lord.

"I'm David MacDonald. This is the Doctor. And we're on his ship, the TARDIS."

Harry twitchedand silently backed away as the Doctor finished dressing Davids wounds. "I'm Harold Saxon, I lecture on History and politics. It's a joint class. Only the best pupils last."

Harry was very much like his counter part, especially how he held him, the tail twitching behind his back was the big difference.

"Hello Harry! Erm... why are you a cat."

"I'm not a cat! You're both very racist! I am no cat now let me go!"

"History and there no Robbie there to.. Ooh, am I here? David, physics? Goofy hair?" Only David would talk about himself like that. Honestly! "Or Gareth...or...or John! John teaches robotics...yes, fine school to offer robotics but--"

Arm wrapped up, David was now free to hop around Harry.

"Can I meet myself? David with the ears? Oh, if you didn't recognize me, I guess not. I know a Harold Saxon, lovely bloke, my best friend!" That was...sad. "He didn't have all people have cat ears here? Can we meet them?"

This man was insane! The loud noise and energy made Harry-cat move away, giving the Doctor a distress look. These people knew his life. How?

Oh David, he didn't realise he was distressing poor Harry. Clearing his throat, the Doctor hauled him back and grinned at Harry.

"Sorry, alternate universe! Now, do you want to go home? We'll take you but we fancy a look ourselves. Wheres that uni of yours?"

Poor Harry just nodded dumbly. "Erm... Minister way?"

"Minister Way it is!" David headed towards the door before he glanced at the Doctor. "You should probably vroop vroop us there. Safer than dealing with security!"

David grabbed Harry's elbow and hauled him up the ramp. He kept giggling and bouncing in an excited, five-year old sort of way.

"Oh, you'll love this, you'll just love this, Harry! But hold on! Tight!"

Like the Master and Harrys before him, he didn't. Which is why he slammed into the floor, yelping in shock. They were flying? Harry clung to the grating and closed hid eyes in horror.

Oh God, he was going to be kidnapped by loons and they'd force him to act like a cat and play with his ears and--

"There you are, safely back home," the Doctor declared as he rushed down and opened the door to a classroom.

He was home. Oh. Woops.

"You brought me back?"

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"Where else would we take you?" David asked as he tugged down on his t-shirt and slipped through the door. "Ooh! Look at all of your chalk and white board markers! Brilliant!" David could be so very happy about so many mundane things.

There were pictures and posters on the wall, most of which were holographic and all of which showed people with cat ears. David was amazed, absolutely amazed. He oohed and aaahed at everything, beaming as he danced around the room and stole a piece of chalk only to find that anything he wrote on the board sunk down into it so that it could be transmitted to the desks where the children sat.

"Bloody brilliant!"

Oh no! Dear God! The loon was in his classroom. Why did loons always trash his classroom? Pulling a face of utter dismay, trying to stop him. David reminded him more and more of a certain cat that always pounced in him.

"Do not touch my things or I will bite!"

The Dictor sighed and shook his head. Oh David, those social skills needed work. They'd have to attend a class or something.

"David, leave the nice kitty alone in his classroom."

David turned, hand on his hip. "That's racist, he's not a cat," he shot back, having Harry's back as he always had before he put down the chalk (well, after writing: 'David Was Here!' on the board). "It's so lovely. I'm a teacher too you know. Nothing as fancy as this. Oooh! Can we see the physics labs?"

He was already out the door. This place looked almost exactly like Westminster. It was just a little more hi-tech. David loved it, it reminded him of the TARDIS!

He carefully ducked around children that were coming and going and beamed at teachers as well. Today was a good day!

Oh dear lord, he let a human invade his school. He'dbe kicked out! Running after him with the Doctor behind him... this was definitely odd. "stay calm Harry!"

"He'll get me fired!"

He couldn't believe a human was ruining his job and ruined his trip already. Bastard!

"Come back here David! Bad human! Come back!"

Now that was interesting! David turned and let Harry tackle-drag him into some other place, carefully keeping all of his limbs to himself. "What do you mean?" he blinked languidly. "You're not human? Oh, right right, of course not. Ears and tail...not human..."

The Doctor was just laughing. Was this a pick on the human joke? David blinked and one hand stealthily reached up to lightly fondle Harry's ear. Of course he wasn't human. He was like those odd Japanese cartoons. Fabulous, really. At least David thought so.

"It's fantastic! But why would humans get you in trouble?"

Oh he was cheating again. Harrys leg trembled in pleasure and his eyes very nearly closed. David had found the best part of the ear. Whimpering, he forced himself away.

No meant no!

"Because all humans do is attack and capture us. You spend years attacking and trying to conquer us! Flithly horrible bastards!"

... though the rant fell apart and lost its point when the Doctor started rubbing his ear to calm him. It made less impact when he purred.

"Its all right David. You're no threat at all."

"I don't want to capture or hurt anyone," David insisted as he blinked and blushed at the purr. "That's so... Well amazing!" And adorable. And-- he was almost beside himself. Certainly adults dont act like this! "I'm sorry if humans have been terrible to you, Harry. I am. We won't bother you or hurt you."

He held up his hands in a submissive sort of gesture and backed up against the door.

"We're just travellers, Harry. Didn't mean to drop in on you. We were headed to 1560 to meet Galileo."

Harry purred awkwardly and wriggled about a bit, trying to shake the Doctor off. "I know that! Others don't. You already brought me home, I know you're safe."

Minus potential manipukation via ear tickling, if course. But he could live with that.

"You're-- well tolerable for humans, if not very odd!"

Which was quite a compliment. Well for David. The Doctor did not look impressed.

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"He's not human either. He's a Time Lord."

David could already feel a tugging for Harry which was very no-no and he swallowed a bit. The Doctor was going to sort him and he couldn't be sorted if there was a Harry here. Giving compliments! And being nice to him!

And he shouldn't talk about Time Lords anyhow. If this was Harry, he was fobwatched. And that was a bad thing. It meant that there was likely a Doctor here too.

One that would find them. Maybe one not so nice as his Doctor.

"We should... Go. We have Galileo to meet." If David had ears, they'd droop.

The Doctor knew why David felt bad and honestly, he was really sorry for him. He needed to find David a Harry... though perhaps the cat Harry was not the right one. They'd get far too many odd looks. Offering a hand, Harry pulled himself up off the floor and dusted himself off.

"Galileo is boring. And not as interesting as you'd think he would be for a creator. I can offer better trip ideas for education periods of time."

What? They had their own time machine. They could take trips to the past but for only an hour maxium.

"I have a sheet I can give you before you go?"

David itched. And hopped. And took the Doctor's hand to pull him to the very back of the closet where Harry could obviously still hear them both. "Doctor," David murmured, tugging him down to psuedo whisper in his ear. "Doctor, can't he come along for just a little while? Maybe? He doesn't hate me!"

That was the biggest incentive.

"And there might be a cat-ears Doctor here too...and you saw what mine did to Harry so--" He'd whine if he had to!

He wanted a human Harry, not a cat thing. It was going to be very awkward to explain them... unless they got a nice hat with ear flaps. And then he could get one. Yes, he'd look very cool in a-- oh, right, focus.

"Look, David, you haven't even asked him and we don't know if it's safe or what he's like."

And he did try to bite through Davids arm! Rolling his eyes, he turned his head and gave the door a small frown. Well, Harry wasn't there to look at. Was this a wise idea? Getting David a pet like Harry thing to keep?

"Do you want the travel sheets or not?" Harry yelled as he sat on his desk, tail swishing about behind him.

The Master sighed and rubbed at his eyes. "One trip."

"Why would I ask him without asking you?" David muttered, but still hugged the Doctor tightly before shoving back through some of the things in the closet to get to Harry again. "Wanna come for a trip? You can pick, anywhere is fine. And we can stay as long as you like and then we'll come right back here!"

How can you deny that 'oh please oh please' face on David?

He did his best not to become overly enthralled with that tail, but he was finding it impossible. His eyes never left it.

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"I have a lesson to teach and--"

"Oh come on, all of time and space, Harry! Anything you want to see, Pick anything off your little sheet and we can go!" It was a once in the life time offer and, of course, no one ever passed it up.

He looked down at his sheet, scanned the names and then offering to the Doctor.

"I can leave any time? Well-- one trip. But then you have to promise to get out of my life and stay out?" What? Even cat Harry was sorely lacking any social skills or politeness. They just went over his head.

David cheered and then took a look out into the hallway. The coast was clear, they could get back to the TARDIS. "Just put your tail down a trouser leg and we can get you a fedora! That will cover your ears comfortable!" Oh, that seemed absolutely perfect. "Unless we visit alien places, and then you're perfectly normal!"

Or not. He was a cat-Lord in a cat-human body with a fob watch, but David was happy and hopeful to see soemthing pretty exciting. He didn't care where they went!

David let the way back to the TARDIS and held the door open for everyone, mouthing a 'thank you' to the Doctor.

"Hide my tail and ears? Really? I'd rather not."

The Doctor didn't get into the politic side of the cat-people and the oppression and problems they face for being half a sort of caste off race that just sort of thieved alone. But he didn't want to ruin Davids moment, they would soft it out but being with Harry in public like that? Probably not the best option in a lot of places.

"We'll still get you a nice hat and, failing that, I can make you a shimmer!"

The Doctor smiled at David and took the piece of paper from Harrys hand as he awkwardly stood around the TARDIS, unsure what he was meant to do. "So where do you want to go on this list? Is there somewhere you've never been?"

Harry frowned and turned his head to David, cocking his head to the side as his tail swished about freely. "Didn't you want to see Galileo?"

"I named my first fish Galileo," David said with a wistful smile and sat himself in the flight seat. "Let's try to find the actual one this time! Harry, best sit or hold on or both. It can be just a tad rough."

David made room for the other man if he wanted to sit and kept his eyes to himsef rather than that waving, hypnotic tail. This version of Galileo would not have years or a tail as Harry's did but generally people were all right with ignoring the oddness of their clothes or looks if they all made sure to act like it was usual.

That probably would extend to tails as it had to Martha Jones' skin colour once upon a time.

The Doctor set in the co-ordinates again this time and dashed off happily, yelling that they just needed to 'wait for him'. Harry dropped down on the jumpseat and gripped on tight. He didn't like the movement of the TARDIS. It unsettle him. Harrys people, outside the occasional bout of time travel, were quite grounded and domestic, in a manner.

Flying wasn't his strong suit. Neither was adventures. He was a teacher!

"I like fish, can I see it later?" yes, he loved fish-- like a normal cat loved fish. Which was not always a good thing. The very idea had a predatory smirk plastered on Harrys face.

The Doctor returned with a very out of place little jacquard hat, slipping it over Harrys head before he could protest and effectively hiding those eats under the flaps. "There we go! Better!"

A regular baseball cap would have done as well, as his ears were on top of his head but no matter now. David was still pleased to see Harry's disguise. A long coat would hide his tail just as well too. David brushed himself off a bit and sets his hands in his pockets.

"Galileo and Aristotle are gone. I have Leonardo the turtle now and he's my brother's so not for eating!" David was all right with Harry wanting to snack on critters. It made sense for him to!

"Ready? I'm ready.... Ooh! Italy!"

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"Nah, I'd lose," Harry responded, he didn't hate David, he was just very confused as to what was going on. He didn't much like it. If his hat had been off, David would of see how flat his ears were right now. The trouble with having those things was they always gave away how he felt.

"We'll have a better trip next time, hopefully. I mean, we're not staying here right?"

"Wrong!" the Doctor cut in, spinning around to face them with a bright smile. "We're staying, we can fix this. We just have to find the Master and-- oh, actually, perhaps Harry should wait here. Maybe you should as well David. So, new plan, I go find the Master and you two stay put!"

Date: 2011-06-21 10:39 pm (UTC)
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"Oooor," David said, chest puffing out, "how about we don't get separated so that nothing bad can happen to anyone?" David frowned discouragingly. "We always get into trouble. I'd rather you be here when it finds me. And Harry...he's never done this. He needs you too. I know you're worried about... Well I know. And that's fine. It is! But don't leave us."

It wasn't that David was worried or that he didn't think he could make it on his own, but he was here for adventure. And the Doctor might not need him but sometimes David did come in handy!

"You won't have to worry if we're all with you either!"

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"Oooor you listen to me, go back and stay safe instead of approaching something that could potentially kill you and end very badly for your friend there," the Doctor summed up with a serious look on his face. He wasn't here to play around, not at all. The Master was serious business and he didn't have time to mess around protecting David and his new kitten.

Harry frowned and looked around, not sure what the big deal was. It was flying balls and they seemed kind of sweet anyhow.

"I'm sure I'll be just fine, don't worry about me, if that's the problem."

He'd just stick beside David! David seemed-- well, useless but a especial kind of useless that was oddly useful. Which made no sense.

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David turned sad eyes towards the Doctor and threw his arms around his neck. "Doctor, don't do anything stupid. Don't. I need you so come back to me all right?"

One looking at them might have made them out to be more than friends, and the tears in David's eyes indicative of a man about to lose his lover. David grabbed Harry's hand and tugged him out of the alley and towards the TARDIS.

He didn't stop running until they were both inside.

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"You too," the Doctor declared as he took off into the busy streets. The plan seemed fantastic, David and Harry were safe while the Doctor went off to save the day. But, of course, plans never went well with them. Which is why, after three hours, there was still no signs of the Doctor.

"You think he's all right?"

Harry settled back and frowned at David, not sure if this is how it always went with these two or what. Either way-- he sort of wanted to go. It was a bit tedious but terrifying!

It was all a little odd.

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"If you really want to go then go, I'll stay with you," Harry-cat offetred, shrugging his shoulders. Well, tha man was nice to him and had stopped touching his ears so he saw no reason not too. He adjusted his hat and looked towards the door with a wary look.

"But-- erm, you first."

If there was something big and killy outside then he didn't want to be the thing that got all killed. It wasn't safe!

Well, at least he was going anyway. He hardly knew these two and yet he was willing to give up his life for them! That was commitment.

Sneaking through a nearby alley, David wrinkled his nose ever so slightly and glanced behind his shoulder for Harry. "They never tell you how smelly the past is in history books," he commented. The fires were mostly out. People were dead, dying or captured. There didn't seem to be a lot of whirling Toclofane, just a long stretch of them across the sky to a massive ship overhead.

Well how were they to get up there?

David had never heard of the Valiant before and he had no idea that this one fell through a rift and into the 16th century just prior to the Master launching his paradox machine in anoher universe.

He licked his lips carefully and spotted a few manned ships going and coming from the ground to the ship. "He's got to be up there."

Harry honestly had no idea what to make of it all. To him, it all seemed a little mad. But then, who was he to argue. He did have cat ear, something that wascnot considered the norm.

"Be careful of the whizzing ball things! Now that you mentioned it, they don't really look friendly."

They looked like they'd slice him for a laugh!

As they headed further across, they saw no signs of the man they wanted. Just his screwdriver.

With all of the power he could muster, David put on a very brave face and just smiled at harry. This was not how first trips were meant to go, but then again, most trips ended up just like this. They crept towards the loading bays when they were spotted by a cheerfully whirling sphere.

"Master! What are you doing down here?"

Oh, that's right! Harry looked like the Master!

David gave him a tiny shove. "Play it up!" he said quietly. "Pretend you're him!"

Harry looked dumbstruck, nitcsure what to do. Well, he was a bad guy so he just had to act like an ass, something he was brilliant at. He was a rather strict and power nade teacher.

"Your lird and Master is right here. Just catching my new friend here."

He smirked in a sinister manner and grabbed a hold of David pointedly.

"Why does Mr Master gave a hat?"

"... Hat season?"

Oooh, Harry was perfect at this! David was sure he was even being bruised as they stood there! Talk about top notch! He toned down the grinning and looked a bit over-actingly put upon. "Maybe you should get a hat too?"

Probably the wrong answer. The toclofane paused only to release it's spikes and David took two steps back.

"Sorry, sorrrrrrry!" he said, arms up just in case.

"Woah! Don't kill him, that's my job. Obey your Master and get lost!" Harry yelled with such a fury that really, it was the first time he actually looked like the Master since he got here. The Toclafanes actually seemed sad. Aww, now Harry felt bad for them.

"We can share, I'll half kill him and you lot can take what remains?"

"We like that Mister Master! We can do that, Mister Master!"

Harry grinned and started to haul David along as the spheres flew off.

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David glanced at Harry, unable to tell if he was being serious or not, and stayed as still and as quiet as he could manage. He didn't want to be half killed and have his remains played around with! Still, David was unable to NOT trust the other man and immediately clammed up.

The toclofane left them be and David stared across the way at Harry as he was ushered onto one of the platforms and they were both loaded into one of the shuttles.

That tail twitched into view and David, half blushing, rubbed his ankle against it. Yeah. He probably needed to stop with the inappropriate contact!

Harry managed to keep his cool through most of it... until they were alone in the shuttle and David was rubbing his tail. He blushed furiously and tried his best not to make eye contact. What was wrong with David! Why did he keep feeling him up?

When they were all clear, he spun around and gave David a very serious look.

"Don't do that. Seriously. Do not do that. It'll wriggle free and everyone will know I'm not him!"

"Sorry, sorry, I'm so sorry, I really didn't mean to, it's just-- Well.. Nope, doesn't matter. Well done on the acting!" David grinned without touching before he settled down for the trip. Who knew how long it would be before they were discovered?

David, after all, looked like the Master'd Doctor, David knew that without knowing the details. He couldn't but think that if he was nice enough, good enough, he might be able to getthe Master to change his ways and accept hugs as payment!

Well that was a lovely thought!

Lovely but unrealistic considering he was never the hugging sort. Neither was Harry or cat-Harry. Emil? Eh, he accepted them but then, he was a very docile and subdued fob watch with no real life outside his job.

Like most fobwatch Masters, actually. Harry spent ages working instead of socialising.

"Thank you, I've never played dictator before. I figured I'd never need to."

Who expected this? Two loons crashing into his life, stealing him away, forcing him to wear a hat and pretend to be evil? Always a great time but it still left him completely baffled.

"Oh, it's spot on, absolutely brilliant. Look, I've bruises! You've marked me up twice now so I'd say you were a natural!" He was only half joking. David never really minded the Master. Even the most evil one he met had saved his life, accidentally or not. He died for David, came back for David and brought David to safety again. It seemed that Harry shaped objects and he just meshed together so very well.

Hugging himself as if in anticipation of his reunion with another Master, David hummed happily the entire way up to the Valiant before they docked and were let out.

And then he happily let Harry drag him around, keeping his eyes out for the Doctor.

Oooh, or that pretty blonde over there with the black eye! She didn't look like Rose, but he did like blondes. So he waved.

The Valiant was quite daunting and if his hat was off, David could of seen how low his ears were. This was a terrifying trip! What if he died? What if he was seriously injured? What if someone shot him?!

Oh, he had to fight himself not to run away while David just grinned and bounced along like a lunatic.

The moment they entered the door-- well, it wasn't what he was expecting. Because, instead of walking into a busy work place, it almost felt like they'd walked in on the middle of a great theatrical display.

The Doctor was on the floor bleeding, the guards were stood all around the room and right in the centre, commanding everyones attention was-- him? Turning around, the other him gave both an amused little look. "Took you long enough, I've been waiting."

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David didn't MEAN to smile like a lunatic. He didn't. But there he was...smiling. Like a lunatic. "Hello! I'm David."

Of course, the Master knew all about him. And if it wasn't for the Doctor on the floor, David might have gone ahead with his plan to conquer by hugging. Instead, he ripped himself out of Harry's hands and despite having guns focused on him, rushed to the Doctor's side.

He wound his arms around his neck. "Sorry! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry but we couldn't just leave you!"

"Of course! You never can. I mean, I tell you stay and you go and I tell you to go and -- well, no, you do still go," The Doctor couldn't win. Smiling despite the wound to his upper leg, he threw his arms around David and hugged him... even if they were in life or death here.

And Harry was now the subject of the vast majority of guns. Had they forgotten him? This was very embarrassing.

"Awww, how adorable! It's so sweet to see young love," the Master mocked as he turned his head and gave the other him a disgusted sneer. He hated look alikes. "Right, let's get this show on the road. Shot the me with a hat, put the Doctor in cell 5 and throw the hugging one out the window. I want to see him fly."

And yes, he was being deadly serious.

"Wait, wait, wait." David stood up and let go of the Doctor. "I can tell you right now that I can't fly. I did actually try a few times, when I was little. Okay, technically, that's just a memory. I didn't really do it, the memory's false. I'm a clone, you know. Pretty fantastic really! I still remember sheep grazing my hair though..."

David could ramble on all he wanted.

"And why do you want to shoot yourself? All right, he's not really you, but he's pretty damned fantastic. Oooh...why does it always feel so weird to say that? Fantastic? Faaantastic..."

The Master was bored, this thing wouldn't shut up and he doubted it was the Doctor. He didn't feel right. So naturally, he threw a fist on the annoying Scotmans face and turned his head to the clone. Why was his clone wearing a hat... and what was twitching in his trousers. That was... worrying.

But Harry couldn't help it. When he got scared, his tail wrapped around his leg protectively.

"Remove the lookalikes hat," the Master commanded as Harry back up and fumbled out, dashing up by David and the Doctor and tumbling behind them, gripping his hat tight to his head. Nevermind the guns, he just wanted to hide behind David... even if he was almost floored by the punch.

"Master-- leave it. Leave them both and you can have me."

David pressed his hand to his nose and swallowed thickly and tried not to choke on his own blood. "No!" he cried out, nasal.

The Doctor would not give himself up for David.

"The world needs you," he said in translation, the broken nose making it impossible to get that out very clear. David pulled himself to his feet to toddle toward the Master.

"You want people to watch what you're doing, right? Do you know why the Doctor made me? To watch you. To humour you. It's true. That's my purpose. So let me stay with you."

It was a sacrifice. But... He wasn't lying. He'd have a purpose.

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The Master cocked his head to the side before pulling a face. "Or, and this is just from my point of view. I keep you, the Doctor and hat-boy. Because, from where I'm standing, it's not like you could do anything about it."

Laughing madly, the Master clicked his fingers and the guards were scrambling to follow out his orders.

"Separate cells, I'll bide my time with this one. Oh and someone set up a live feed, I want the Doctor to see this-- well, the other Doctor, not this old bastard, the idiot in pin stripe."

Smirking vindictively, the Master turned away as the guards made a grab for them.

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David watched as the Doctor and Harry were dragged off, tilting his head a little and waving at both, just to prove that he was all right. Very all right. He even smiled because he was tough and not afraid of a little old Master. "Do you have any tea? I'm not quite thirsty, but I haven't made it for anyone in awhile. The Doctor has weird taste buds now and doesn't appreciate anything normal. So, I could make you a cuppa?"

Always helpful. David just aimed to please.

"And I know how you take it. Oooh, do you like crumble cakes? With the sugar on top? They're lovely. My Harry loved them. He said he didn't but he did. He use to shove them all into his mouth at once when I wasn't looking..." He'd likely babble like that for awhile.

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