Dec. 9th, 2011

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"The Life & Times Of A Master"
Who: Doctor and Master
Where: Fob!watch verse

After a few weeks of tooling around the universe with Harry, because let's face it, weeks were like seconds to a Time Lord, the Doctor set about finding Jack Harkness for babysitting duty.  Finding the right one could sometimes be difficult, but the last time that they'd met, he'd scanned his unique wrongness.  That TARDIS zeroed in easily enough.  The encounter was meant to be 'random' as Harry was not to know that he was suppose to spent a few days with Jack quite yet.

Getting Jack to agree to lead a trip to Fun And Safety World, where everything was both fun and safe by design and happenstance, was easy.  He'd by now picked up some other Ianto -- and though the Doctor didn't approve of this obsession with multiples of the same lover, it was Jack's life.  Getting Harry to want to go was easy too.  Jack could convince anyone to do anything.

So, after that was settled, the Doctor slipped out of the trip with a clause about there being no Time Lords allowed on the planet, he headed to New New York, dating the time back a few weeks.


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